Government’s insensitivity towards difficulties of Muslims intolerable

New Delhi: A delegation led by Jamiat Ulama chief Maulana Arshad Madni met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on 26 January and plainly told them that the expectation and determination with which Muslims had voted UPA to power at the Centre for preservation of secularism and their own progress and security has greatly been belied them. As a result of government’s insensitivity and inaction, fruits of their efforts have not reached Muslim and their problems and difficulties remain as before. He said that because of the disappointing attitude of the government, they have lost their patience and faith in government and in order to regain their confidence and support, government must fulfil its promises made in its manifesto and its common minimum programme. He expressed his displeasure over the conspiracy of depriving about 40 lakh Muslims of Assam of their voting rights and cautioned them that any deliberate attempt of depriving them of their secular and democratic rights of voting will be strongly faced by Jamiat Ulama.

Both Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Gandhi reportedly assured him and other members of the delegation not only of seriously considering their grievances but also of taking practical steps for meeting their demands and requesting them at the same time of taking the trouble of regularly reminding and apprising them of the problems of Muslims and making constructive suggestions so that government could take suitable steps for removing their difficulties.
Maulana Madni while speaking about the excesses and injustices of government agencies and police on Muslims on the pretext of terrorism for the past one decade, said that confessional statements by anti-national and communal-minded criminals like Swamy Aseemanand and confirmation by police and investigating agencies of their involvement in terrorist activities have proved that hundreds of Muslim youths who were incarcerated in false and concocted cases are innocent and hence justice demands that they should be unconditionally released at the earliest and all cases against them should be withdrawn. Not only this, for the destruction of their lives and careers and atrocities inflicted on them without any proof, government should not only pay them suitable compensation but the police personnel who falsely implicated them must also be prosecuted so that in future they may not implicate anyone without valid proofs.

He also demanded that Muslims should be given reservation in proportion to their population in all local bodies, state legislatures, Parliament and employment in government and semi-government organisations and educational institutions and action taken reports on Ranganath Mishra Commission’s recommendations should be submitted in Parliament so that these may be discussed in the House. He reminded them that Joint Parliamentary Committee’s report on Waqfs was presented in the Parliament three years ago. It is concerned with the solution of religious, educational and economic problems of Muslims but no action has been taken on it and it is gathering dust. Government should therefore convene a meeting of chief ministers of all states without delay and issue instructions to them to ensure implementation of the recommendations of Joint Parliamentary Committee so that economic condition of Waqf Boards of states would improve.

Bringing to their notice the recent demolition of Jungpura’s Masjid Noor which has hurt the feelings of Muslims, he demanded that safety of places of worship of Muslims should be ensured by police and government agencies who should impartially perform their duties. He informed them that Jamiat Ulama has approached high courts of different states and taken necessary legal action for the release of innocent Muslims and requested them that home ministry should issue necessary instructions to home secretaries of states not to show their communal mentality in blocking the release of innocent Muslim youths.

This was the second meeting of Maulana Arshad Madni with the prime minister regarding redressal of grievances of Muslim youths and solving other problems of Muslims when, after the first meeting, there was no perceptible improvement in their conditions. Members of this delegation included Maulana Abdur Rashid, general secretary of Assam Jamiat Ulama, Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad, vice president of Jamiat Ulama of Assam, Zeenat Mulla, advocate in High Court of Assam and Haji Salamatullah of Delhi.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 7

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