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RSS and BJP script farwell of Adavni

For the time being there has been an uneasy calm in the BJP camp.The dust seems to have settled for now but not for too long. After initial hiccup and confrontation L.K Advani has finally bowed reluctantly to the will of the RSS after having seen voices of protest from all sides. An orchestrated forceful farewell to the tallest leader of the BJP. RSS has scripted the final political yatra of Advani.

Advani can feel like the patron of the BJP, but without any command and say within the BJP. He will be honoured but will not be heard. The vociferous tirade against Advani will compel him to be in political hibernation.The recent development in BJP and its leaders making a beeline to Mohan Bhagwat proves beyond doubt that BJP works on the manifesto of the RSS.

The interference of Mohan Bhagwat has brought some respite for the BJP but during the process RSS could not protect itself from the communicable disease of infighting and groupism of the BJP. Behind the scene the BJP is divided in pro and anti RSS group while RSS pracharaks on the lines of promoting groupism in the BJP camp. RSS is now polarising the BJP camp in its favour to ensure its firm grip inorder to promote its core ideology without any resistence. Mohan Bhagwat is making all efforts to place Sangh leaders or its hard core supporters in the BJP for the organisational restructure likely to take place in the near future. Rajnath Singh and his anti lobby like Arun Jaitely, Sushma Swaraj, Venkaiah Naidu and Ananth Kumar were invited to meet separately. Rajnath Singh’s all out effort to woo Sangh for a second term went in vain. RSS Chief also met separately with Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and some state leaders of the BJP. If Mohan Bhagwat’s purpose of meeting these leaders was to unite them then he could have called them collectively and advised them to forget their past bickering and work together.

Ironically the RSS has authorised L.K Advani to ensure smooth organisational restructuring and nurture young leaders like their guardian but at the same time did not find even useful to invite him and his men to the two day introspection of the RSS during 9-10 September in Mumbai. On the contrary leaders like Arun Shourie and son of Jaswant Singh were invited ignoring recent outburst of Jaswant Singh and Arun Shouri. Dual standard of BJP was exposed from the fact that Jaswant Singh was expelled without even issuing any show cause notice. The BJP leaders dared to take such a quick action against Jaswat for he was not as close to RSS as was Arun Shouri.Rajnath Singh issued show cause notice to Shouri unlike Jaswant because he could dared to to go against as Shouri praised and even invited RSS to take over the affairs of the BJP.Rajnath became so helpless that he did not speak even a single line against Shouri. A clear cut message to all cadre that you will be let off even if you abuse leaders of the BJP no matter how tall he is in the party, but will not be spared for raising head against Sangh.

The others who were invited include Rajnath Singh, Bal Apte, Murli Manohar Joshi and some intellectuals from other background. However leaders close to Advani like Jaitely, Swaraj, Venkaiah and Anath Kumar were not allowed to attened the meet. Even in the RSS camp there has been division of opinions as some of them are in close proximity with the BJP and its leaders often accused of working on their own agenda ie hobnobbing with the BJP leaders. Two important Swayamsevaks like Madan Das Devi and Suresh Soni were asked by the RSS chief to keep away from the introspection meet of RSS. Devi is believed to have a soft corner for Advani. His presence could have politicised the meet. Now with the prevailing groupism in Sangh high rank whom will they call upon to resolve their own differences.

Now it has become a contentious issue for both the RSS and BJP to find successor of Rajnath Singh. Given the differences and the self centered leaders of the BJP it is almost difficult to have a concensus over the next party president or in the restructuring of the organisation.The RSS is in search of a leader who can be a yes man of the Sangh along with the one having good rapport with the BJP leaders. In other words a non controversial figure to stop infighting and groupism. During the process some probable names like Jaitely, Sushma, Aapte, Joshi, Shouri and some state leaders like Parikker, Raman and Shivraj Singh are tossed up to feel the mood and pulse within and outside BJP. To find out leader who can keep the flock under one roof at the present moment is really a hard nut to crack for both the BJP and RSS. The biggest concern for them is whether the newly nominated president or generational change will be able to pacify rivalry within BJP or will it further aggravate it from bad to worse.

The tallest leader of the BJP L K Advani despite his contribution is now marginalised and isolated like never before. The recent verbal attack on him by so many leaders of the BJP on Kandahar in particular and leadership in general has pushed him into corner. Once a mass leader is now a lonely figure in his own party. He is very much dejected and perturbed by the tirade of partymen once considered close friends and admirers. Friends of Advani have now turned foes. Even state leader like Parikar has done the damage on Advani by sayig and comparing him to be like a rancid pickle.This is the way the leaders of the BJP treat their veteran leaders.The party as a whole has now become indisciplined and affected by hierarchy disorder. If political immunity becomes weak in a leader then he is attacked from one and all sometime with a purpose and sometime without any reason. With the prevailing situation and the voices of protest one after another Advani has put off his talent hunt yatra for now and it is believed that he may tour after the assembly polls on 13 October.This yatra was aimed to revive the party at all levels, in order to boost the morale of the cadre. How can L K Advani revive the party when he is attacked by all leaders of the BJP, no matter how big or small. Is it possible for Advani to motivate leaders when he himself has been shown the door and has been asked to move out gracefully.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2009 on page no. 13

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