Mera Bharat mahan!

I thought that I won’t write anything even remotely related to rape as it’s become nauseating because of constant regurgitations, but RSS chief’s stupid statement has made me express my views on this much-laundered issue. The gentleman states that ‘Rapes happen in India, not in BHARAT.’ He’s of the view that the western culture is responsible for such heinous crimes against women in urban India, whereas rapes and molestations don’t happen in the rural areas of the country. Isn’t Baghpat, a small town in UP near Meerut, a part of Bhagwat’s Bharat? What happened there in 1981? One educated woman Maya Tyagi was paraded naked and raped by cops and politicians in broad daylight after killing her husband, whom they called ‘a dreaded anti-social’. This is not an isolated incident.

Rapes are reported in India but go unreported in Bhagwat’s Bharat. Didn’t Phoolan Devi come from ‘Grameen Bharat’? Who gang-raped her and where did her rape take place? Was she raped in Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Bombay or Bangalore? She was brutally raped in a god-forsaken village in rural India, sorry Bharat. When, way back in 1979,  a 14-year-old tribal girl Mathura was being raped in rural Maharashtra (Vidarbha) by drunken policemen near Nagpur, ironically the headquarters of RSS, where was this super active RSS chief and spokesman? When army personnel and CRPF jawans violate women’s modesty in the Valley of Kashmir and remote villages of North East, I don’t think that has anything to do with western culture and influence. A 17-year-old Zoya Ansari was denuded, sodomised and killed by Hindu miscreants in front of her helpless parents, brothers and sisters at Amroha (UP) in 1982. And I’m sure, most of the urban English-knowing readers have not even heard the name of Amroha, which gave Kamaal Amrohi.

Urban India cannot be held responsible for the crimes against women. West Bengal’s supercop Nazrul Islam wrote that villages in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa have witnessed maximum cases of rape in the last 30-40 years. Most of the cases were suppressed or the victims were eliminated. Isn’t it a ‘voyeuristic rape’ in rural India when women, accused of witchcraft, are paraded naked and then gang-raped? Who’s he (Bhagwat) fooling? During Gwalior riots in 1965, RSS activists were raping Muslim women en masse. Gwalior was just a small town 48 years ago and is still a small city. One must get one’s facts right before uttering nonsense.    

Sumit Paul

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2013 on page no. 11

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