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Mushawarat statement on Jasmine Revolution

New Delhi, 5 February 2011: All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, said here today that the wishes of the Egyptian and other Arab peoples for a free and democratic polity must be respected by all including the Obama Administration which is trying to subvert the popular movement and bring about a change which will nullify the essence and spirit of the popular demand for the removal of President Mubarak and his cronies who have been ruling Egypt with iron hand for the last 30 years thanks to huge American military, political and financial support.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, the working president of AIMMM, said here today that the whole Egyptian society has made it clear that it rejects the police state run by President Mubarak with foreign support. No gimmicks should be allowed to retain the repressive system intact sans Mubarak. The repressive apparatus based on police and an army of informers and plainclothes must be totally dismantled and true democracy should be allowed to take firm roots. Only an interim government headed by a figure from outside the ruling clique, and supported by the protesters, should be acceptable to the international community. The interim government should lead to fair and free elections reflecting the true aspirations of the Egyptian people.

The AIMMM working president condemned the western scaremongering about the Muslim Brotherhood's role in the current protests. He said that there is no proof that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the agitations rocking all parts of Egypt for the last 11 days. These protests are a genuine expression of the Egyptian people's will to reject the current undemocratic regime and seek a free and fair society where all have equal democratic and political rights.

The AIMMM working president rejected the current American attempts to steer the protests to a situation where Mubarak goes but his apparatus remains intact with all its internal repression and foreign servitude.

The AIMMM working president asked the Indian government and all non-aligned and Muslim countries to come out with forceful support of the popular uprising of the Egyptian and other Arab peoples.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 17

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