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Punjabi book on Islam released

Ludhiana: Punjab’s Shahi Imam and president of Majlis Ahrar Islam-e Hind, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi released the Punjabi translation of Abul Hasan Islami Academy general secretary, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Nadwi’s book Islami Aqaaed: ek Buniadi Ta’aruf (Islamic Faith: a basic introduction) at the Jama Masjid, Ludhiana on 31 January. The translation in Punjabi language was done by Maulana Muhammad Anwar Qasmi Nadwi. Releasing the book, Maulana Habibur Rahman said that this book will be a good source for the people of Punjab to know about Islam. He said that he also has read this book and found that the true teachings of Islam have been presented in very simple language in the book. He said, in coming days many more books on Islam will be published in Punjabi language. He said that Maulana Anwar Qasmi is working on another book regarding the belief in the Finality of Prophethood which will be published in Punjabi by Majlis Ahrar Islam-e Hind. On this occasion, many distinguished persons including the translator Maulana Anwar Qasmi, Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi, chairman of Punjab Waqf Board’s Committee for religious affairs and others were present. He also said that the number of Islamic books in Punjabi language is very small, though some Muslim intellectuals of Punjab have written or translated such books in Punjabi.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 18

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