Demand for expulsion of Shahnawaz and Naqvi to purify BJP

New Delhi: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain, Muslim members of BJP, appear to have become eye-sores to VHP's senior leader and former MP, Ram Vilas Vedanti because, according to him, BJP cannot win the hearts of Hindus unless the Muslim 'show boys' of BJP, Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain, are expelled from the party in an act of its shuddhikaran (purification).

 It may be stated in this connection that Vedanti is counted among those VHP leaders whose identity is based on their anti-Muslin postures. In all his speeches, Muslims and Islam are the main targets. He believes that BJP was formed for protecting and promoting the interests of Hindus and its policies are framed keeping in mind the interests of Hindus, for implementing which Muslim faces are handicap. He says that Varun Gandhi had put life in BJP but under the pressure of Muslim faces, party president Raj Nath Singh instead of encouraging him, maintained silence.  

Demanding that Varun Gandhi be made president of UP's BJP, Vedanti says that owning the responsibility of BJP's defeat in Lok Sabha election, Raj Nath should resign. He said that for preventing Advani to become prime minister, many BJP leaders themselves worked against the party. He also says that by promising the building of Ram Mandir but not doing so, BJP cheated Hindus and now BJP too is saying the same thing about Ram Mandir what Congress says - that court's verdict will be accepted. In this way there is no difference between the two. He says that Ram Janmabhumi was unlocked not because of court's order or permission and similarly Babri Masjid was demolished not because of court's order or permission. In the same way, now Ram Mandir should be built on the will and strength of Hindus, not on court’s order or permission. If BJP accepts this fact, only then Hindu nation will support it, he says. (NA Ansari)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2009 on page no. 7

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