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Eye witnesses and lawyers say Maulana Khalid Mujahid & Tariq Qasmi are innocent

Lucknow: Mayatwati government had set up a one-man Commission consisting of Lucknow's retired district and session judge, Justice R.D. Namesh to enquire into the cycle bomb blasts at Faizabad and Lucknow Courts and also to find out if ATS had really arrested the alleged terrorists Maulana Khalid Mujahid and Hakim Tariq Qasmi and if so, when and from where and also whether their arrest was justified or not? R.D. Namesh toured Jaunpur's town Maryahu on 6th July and Azamgarh's Rani ki Sarai town on 7th July and recorded the statements of 15 eye witnesses each at both places. They told Namesh that they had seen ATS people had picked up Khalid Mujahid when he was taking chaat at a chaat shop. Similarly, the eye witnesses at Rani ki Sarai had told Namesh that they themselves had seen from their own eyes ATS people had picked up Hakim Tariq Qasmi at the time when he was purchasing medicines for his clinic. A delegation of lawyers including Hindu lawyers had also met Namesh in Rani ki Saria. They said that they have just been informed that when Maulana Khalid Mujahid was eating chaat at a shop in Maryahu on 15th December 2007, ATS personnel who were in plain clothes caught hold of Maulana Khalid Mujahid, made him sit in their vehicle and went away. They also told them (lawyers) that Maulana Khalid Mujahid in a letter to Chief Judicial Magistrate, Faizabad's court said that he has no connection at all with cycle bomb blasts in Faizabad court. Maulana Khalid's uncle, Maulana Mohammad Zaheer Alam Falahi said while recording his statement before the Commission that Maulana Khalid Mujahid is a teacher in his madrasa. Maulana Zaheer Alam belongs to Jamat-e Islami.

Hakim Tariq Qasmi's father of Rani ki Sarai who lives in Dubai in connection with his business has specially come here from Dubai for pleading his son's case. He too said while recording his statement in front of Namesh that his family members informed him in Dubai from Azamgarh on phone on 12th December, 2007 that some unknown persons had picked up Hakim Tariq Qasmi. His family members came to know subsequently that those people belonged to ATS. He also said in his statement that same day he had asked his family members to register the report of his (Tariq Qasmi) abduction and on his instructions his family member had got the report registered.

A delegation of Azamgarh lawyers also had met Namesh who told him that same day people of Rani ki sarai had informed them about Hakim Tariq's abduction. Advocate Mohammad Shohaid, lawyer of the accused persons who was with Namesh at that time said that now Namesh will summon the eye witnesses and question them and will also record the statements of UP's ATS. Namesh has not yet fixed the date of cross examination.

It may be recalled that cycle bomb blasts had taken place in Faizabad and Lucknow Courts in November 2007 in which a member of people were seriously injured. UP's ATS had shown the arrest of Hakim Tariq Qasmi and Maulana Khalid Mujahid on 22nd December at Bara Banki railway station in early morning when they were waiting for the train. ATS had stated that RDX and instruments for bomb blasts were recovered from these people. Right from their arrest on 22nd December, 2007 till date, no court has allowed them bail. Among the many eye witnesses who say that both these persons are innocent, there are many Hindus also. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2009 on page no. 11

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