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A history sheeter called Ramakant

Rama Kant Yadav, BJP-MP from Azamgarh is a classic example of political aaya Ram-gaya Ram for changing parties one after the other. A mafia don-turned petty politician, he joined and left almost all important political parties, i.e., Congress, SP, BSP then again SP and now BJP. Born in a small village near Ambari in his erstwhile assembly constituency of Phoolpur in Azamgarh district, his family was earlier involved in a gang war. After the death of his rival gang leader in a police encounter sometime around 1985, he  became the undisputed leader of the local mafia gang. Soon he joined poliltics as a Congress member. His younger brother Umakant and son Arun Yadav are MP and MLA respectively of different parties. His wife had also contested UP assembly election but failed to win. All of them are chips of the same block and terrorising people in the whole district and neighbouring places.

Ramakant Yadav once got an engineer named Jangali Ram tied to his vehicle and dragged him for miles which resulted in his death. On another occasion, because of some dispute with a local Thakur family, he compelled two brothers of the Thakur family on the point of gun to dig a large pit and alongwith them had their two other real brothers also buried alive in it. All his political activities revolve around putting his black deeds under wraps. So far more than 30 criminal cases are registered against him in Jaunpur, Gorakhpur and in different police stations of Azamgarh district under various sections of IPC and criminal cases such as murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, threat, misappropriation, extortion etc but because of his gang's muscle power and terror and political connections, police is unwilling to lay their hands on him and in spite of his open terrorist and criminal activities he is roaming free.

As a result of his latest crime, Azamgarh police raided Ramakant’s houses in Ambari and Azamgarh town on 20 August but the BJP MP was not found at either places.

His wealth and immovable assets include around Rs 10 crores in different banks, gold and silver ornaments worth about Rs 10 lakhs, agricultural and other lands worth more than Rs one crore at different places, houses and flats etc. in Azamgarh, Lucknow and other places worth millions of rupees. His assets also include six tractors, four trucks, one jeep and cars etc. as declared by him at the time of filing his election papers before the last general elections. (NA Ansari)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2009 on page no. 17

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