Manmohan Singh - conspiracy theorist?

By Feroze Mithiborwala
& Kishore Jagtap

The lies and misinformation campaign continues unchallenged.. But the issues raised by the PM are of immense significance to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and for those of us who have been challenging the state and the police version.

On 16 August, we had the papers screaming out the headlines where PM Manmohan Singh was saying the following:
1) "There is credible information about ongoing plans of terrorists in Pakistan to carry out fresh attacks".

2) That the threat "covers all parts of the country".

3) That the warning was based on "intercepts and chatter among top terrorists leaders including 26/11 accused and front ranking LeT opeartives Lakhvi, Zarar Shah and Abu al Qama".

4) The PM also refers to LeT's local collaborators and the disarray within the Indian Mujahedeen.

Soon after, the Union Home Minister contradicted his PM and said that the threats were not of a “specific” but of a “general” nature. Contradictions and lies have been the hallmark of the Manmohan regime.

The PM should have made this speech by the end of Sepember or October or after November 19, 2008 when he and MK Narayanan, his National Security Advisor, were given a comprehensive dossier by the RAW, which clearly pointed at the coming terror attack. The PM should have told us that they had evidence in the form of taped conversations, including those very mentioned above. The PM should have told us that the RAW had tapped into their satellite phone conversations and we knew for sure that an attack was coming.

For expample, by September 14, RAW was aware of the specific targets and by September 18, even the timing, that the terrorists would strike Mumbai between 9-11 pm was also known. Remarkably, a RAW spyplane was also photographing it as well, whilst it was following the Al-Husseini ship as it left Karachi. It clearly appears that this entire operation was being monitored. And yet they call it 'intelligence failure'! What a shame and a sham! The PM should have told us that our new found friends in the CIA had also warned us about the impending attach back in September. Remarkably the CIA with its largest operation and operatives now based in Pakistan, did not inform the Pakistani political or military leadership or that of it's cronies in the ISI, whose salaries they pay!

Recall the fact that Mahmud Ahmad, the then chief of the ISI, had to resign from his job because he had wire-transferred  $100,000 to Muhammad Atta, the suppossed mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks. Mahmud Ahmad is amongst the closest friends of George Tenet, who was then  the chief of the CIA. On 9/11, Mahmud Ahmad was in Washington DC sipping coffee with Tenet. That is how the CIA used it's ISI connections to plan, fund, employ, train and aid in the execution of 9/11.

Back to 26/11, the PM should have told us that they were following the “chatter” between Lakhvi and his terror operatives over a period of 10 to 11 months prior to 26/11. 

On the matter of sleeper cells of the LeT and local collaborator, the Manmohan Singh government and his Home Minister, Mr. Chidambaram would have us believe that the 10-12 terrorists who attacked Mumbai had no local help whatsoever. They arrived upon this conclusion quickly, just a day after the attack was wound up. And all the secular liberals heaved a sigh of relief as then Muslims would not be rounded up in their thousands as was the case during the Mumbai Train terror attacks of July 11, 2006. (That was also the day when Israel attacked Lebanon and that was not a coincidence.)

Firstly, no sane person believes in this country or abroad that a mere 10 to 12 people could manage this sort of mayhem over four different centres in a megapolis and ward off the security forces for three long days. This is a big lie. And the government continues to promote this nonsensical version.

In our studied estimation, this terror operation was waged by a minimum of 50-60 terrorists who were part of this operation, further aided by a team of local collaborators. This is elementary, my dear PM.

The PM also refers to "local cells of the LeT". Now comes the interesting part. The Manmohan Singh regime has maintained that there was no local cell active during the entire 26/11 terror attack. And now he tells us that local cells whcih are in a disarray because of the crackdown after 26/11, are a threat. So Mr. PM, just three questions:

a) Were the local sleeper cells not around prior to 26/11, or have they appeared after the event?

b) If they were there, would not they have helped in the entire 26/11 episode, especially prior to the attack?

c) Or were the sleeper cells 'sleeping' or maybe 'hibernating' during this period?

In our assessment, and again this is simple to discern, the terrorists had local collaborator cells without which this operation would have been impossible, both from the perspective of local intelligence and the logistics required at every step. Then who constituted these cells is the moot point? 

Our inference leads us to believe that the local help emerged from both:

a) The sleeper cells of the Abhinav Bharat terror network, that includes their sympathizers across the security spectrum.

b) From the entire network of private security agencies operatives trained by the Israeli Mossad and they number in   lakhs.

The point is that, like the American people and their intelligentsia who have successfully challenged the 'conspiracy theory of their governments' on the 9/11-WTC attack, we too need to wake up and challenge our Sarkar and it's perfidious lies. (A dozen Arab guys with box cutters [tin openers], hijacked the planes and even though they could barely fly Cessnas, they maneuvered their Jumbos into the towers!)

Clearly the Manmohan regime is not only lying but also hiding crucial facts that can lead us to uncovering the 26/11 terror plot.  If not, then at least the government should have released the 'Ram Prahdhan Committee Report' to the general public and the media for our perusal. Even this report with it's very limited mandate has been buried under the burden of 'national security'.

As we have repeatedly stated, the findings of the Interpol are very important. But who is invited to the Indian courts to give evidence? The FBI! And not a whimper of protest from any quarter. The politics and strategy of deploying and orchestrating false flag terror ops has neutralised many a mind into challenging the collusion of the State with imperialist organizations such as the CIA, FBI or the Mossad for that matter.

The Interpol has mentioned that the 26/11 terror attacks were planned across seven countries. The Interpol also complained that the Indian authorities were not very forthcoming in sharing intelligence inputs. Wonder why?

Seven and not one or two, Mr. PM.
The PM and his home minister continue to deny the need for a "National Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Mumbai 26/11 Terror Attacks". This sort of manipulation was not even indulged by Mr. Bush. Even at the time, when Mr. Richard Holbrooke (a Neocon) was last down in New Delhi, Manmohan Singh was out there blaring away that 30 Taliban had entered Kashmir. At the very same time his very own home minister as well as the Chief Minister of J&K Mr. Omar Abdullah were denying the same on the basis of 'intelligence reports'.

The fact is that our PM and leading members of his cabinet are ideologically committed to the American-Israeli-European project for the region and India has been reduced to a junior partner in the imperial gameplan for the region.

Instead of challenging the Empire and it's growing presence in South Asia, rather all of Asia, we are collaborating with their designs to redraw the strategic map of Asia, one in which the US and it's allies seek to dominate every sphere of our existence. Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and  Indira Gandhi must be turning in their graves as they see their nation betraying the Third World and sitting in the White Anglo-Saxon Zionist lap.

Thus, there is a need for a sustained national struggle against the imperialist onslaught on the Asian nations, in solidarity with the peoples of Africa and South America.

The authors are activists of Mumbai-based movement Awami Bharat and may be contacted at

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2009 on page no. 18

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