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Imams to boycott marriages adopting un-Islamic practices

Khatoli: United Front (Muttahida Mahaz) organised a conference at this city’s General Guest House to consider un-Islamic practices in the marriages of Muslims. A group of about 140 Imams and ulama of different mosques, while criticising un-Islamic practices, customs and traditions etc being observed in the marriages of Muslims decided to boycott such marriages where such practices like dancing and musical bands, playing of  DJ (Disk Jockey), buffet-type lunch or dinner (eating and drinking while standing), extravagance, public display of dowry items, taking of bhaat etc are observed. The Imams unanimously decided that they will neither solemnise such marriages nor they will eat or drink anything in such marriages and made a general appeal to all Muslims not to attend such marriages. Convener of Muttahida Mahaz and president of the Conference Hafiz Muhammad Aftab Khan said while speaking on this occasion that the time has come for Muslims to get united and adopt the path of righteousness and goodness, give up evil and give a crushing reply to those who fan sectarian and other differences. He regretted that Muslim leaders themselves are dividing Muslims into different categories and groups for their selfish interests. He warned that Muslims need to keep themselves away from such hypocrites and have faith in one God, one Prophet, one Qur’an and one kalmia. He said that an Ittehad-e Millat conference will be held on 6 March in Muzaffar Nagar on this and other topics of Muslim interests and made an appeal to all Muslims to make it a success by participating in it. All India Teli Conference and many other organisations and individuals welcomed and supported this decision of Imams, ulama and Mutahidda Mahaz.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 19

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