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Released SIMI activists re-arrested

Ujjain: Like the Supreme Court which reviewed its judgement on Graham Staines murder; the MP government “reviewed” its order of releasing five SIMI activists on the Republic Day on the ground of good conduct. However, the matter is not as simple as it seems. Release of the five accused Jadil s/o Saifuddin, Akbar s/o Afzal Khan, Irshad Ali s/o Qurban Ali, Riyaz Muhammad and Mehruddin s/o Hakimuddin after completing a term of 2.5 years (sentenced for five years) unleashed a volcano of protests led by VHP and Bajrang Dal.

Even Congress (whose general secretary Digvijay Singh is campaigning for action against RSS outfits) did not lag behind. Not only protest rallies and signature campaigns were undertaken but even the jail minister Jagdish Devadas effigy was set afire. Director-General (Jails) U.K. Pawar was shunted from his post, so was the Principal Secretary, Sudesh Kumar. The local jailor Sanjeev Kumar has been suspended.

During the campaign, protestors alleged that money had made mare go. They even cited Binayak Sen’s case who has been sentenced for a life term. They argued why special favour was shown to those accused of sedition. Congress has accused the jail minister of taking Rs 3 crore for their release. Its spokesperson praised the role of Patrika which launched a campaign for getting the released persons re-arrested. In a statement, Manzoor Alam, general secretary Milli Council expressed his concern over the “re-arrest campaign.”

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 19

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