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Hindu terrorists wanted to kill 5000 Muslims: CBI

Hyderabad: The 76-page chargesheet filed in the Nampally court states that aggrieved by cross-border terrorism in India, Hindu outfits vowed to avenge the killings of Hindus. Hence, a conspiracy was hatched in Jaipur at the Gujarati Samaj Guest House where a detailed roadmap was discussed. Presided over by the RSS ideologue Indresh Kumar, it was attended by Sunil Joshi, Ramji Kalsangra, Lokesh Sharma, Pragya Singh Thakur, on 1 November 2006. They decided to kill at least 5000 Muslims as a reply to terrorists from outside India. For this reason they decided to target places of worship where Muslims throng in great numbers. Several committees were formed and assigned their respective missions. While Kalsangra and Lokesh Sharma were entrusted with the job of procuring arms and ammunition, Sunil Joshi was given the responsibility of managing finance. Pragya Thakur was charged with the responsibility of publicity and media control. Sandeep Dange and Kalsangra bought 11 SIM cards and four mobile phones using forged documents. Kalsangra procured cast-iron shells from a Bhopal-based transporter. Joshi had his own lathe machine factory where he used to prepare pipe bombs. Joshi had been making bombs since 2002 and he tested one at the Bhopal railway station. They had used RDX and TNT in preparing the bombs. Two 6030 Nokia mobile phones were purchased on 24 April 2007. It may be recalled that a bomb blast in the Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad on 18 May 2007 resulted in the death of nine persons. The state government entrusted the enquiry to the CBI on 9 June 2007. CBI has found that the blasts at various places such as Ajmer, Hyderabad, Malegaon etc were the handiwork of Hindu terrorists.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 20

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