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Hyderabad Muslim youth are under Police target, says CLMC

Hyderabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) said on 24 February that it is continuously receiving information about illegal arrest and detention of Muslim youth from various parts of the Hyderabad city. The CLMC feels that immediately after the media trial, Muslim youth became the target of Police. Police investigation of the bomb blasts is concentrated only on Muslim youth. CLMC came to know that the main reason for this is the pressure from the media channels which are continuously questioning whether any arrests have been made or not. The media and Police think that only Muslims are responsible for the blasts and none other than Muslims will do such kind of acts. For the investigation of Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts, as soon as Police formed the Special Investigation Team, it started raiding houses of Muslim youth. From  different parts of the city, Muslim youth are being picked up. CLMC started receiving this information since late night of 23 February. Next morning, more arrests took place. All these arrests are taking place under the garb of investigation of Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts. In the name of investigation, innocent Muslims are being targeted. Many teams are formed to investigate these bomb blasts and every team is investigating in its own way as if the bomb blasts are done by these Muslim youth only.

Those youth whose lives were destroyed in the name of Makkah Masjid bomb blast investigation are again being made scapegoats and targeted. Arshad, Raheem, Kareem, Rayees, Azmath and many others have been detained in the name of investigations. The manner of Police investigation is illegal. The guidelines of the Supreme Court for investigations are being completely violated by the Police. For example, on 23 February, many youth were picked up by the Police and detained illegally and next morning the SIT team reached the house of Rayees at Hashimabad and picked him and forced him to sit in a private Innova car, took him to the Chandrayangutta bridge where they made calls to Junaid to come there saying that they have to speak to him. Thereafter, they asked Rayees to call Junaid to come near the bridge. Junaid refused to come there and said that whatever they have to ask should be in a legal manner;  if they want to speak about something, they can come to his home but SIT resorted to threaten him and disconnected  the phone. After this, Junaid is feeling that he is in great danger.

It is not just the matter of Junaid but many other youth in Hyderabad who are living under threats. They are remembering the Police action of 2007 when hundreds of Muslim youth were targeted. Even that time same SIT was formed and the main criminals were not found. At this time too, the government has formed SIT, under which various sub-teams are formed and yet Police is clueless about the real culprits. Under these circumstances, Muslim youth are the soft target of Police and their life and liberty is at stake.

CLMC asks Andhra Pradesh government to dissolve the SIT and handed over the case and investigations to the National Investigation Agency. If NIA does not have any manpower, then the state government should provide a team of honest police officers. Only then the real culprits will be arrested. CLMC also asks the state government to instruct the Director General of Police to stop targeting Muslim youths and investigation of bomb blast should be in a fair manner irrespective of religion.

Finally, the CLMC asks the state government to release the illegally-detained Muslim youth and warns that if this continues, the government will face the consequences. CLMC appeals to the national and international community to come forward to protect the Muslim community and its right to life with dignity which the communal, Hindutvawadi, fascist Police wants to suppress taking advantage of the investigations of the bomb blasts.

(Issued by Lateef Mohammed Khan, Gen. Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India. Web: Email: clmci[@]

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