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Mushawarat writes to President about murder and threat to Mewatis by Mathura Police

New Delhi, 27 February 2013: President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of India Muslim organisations and eminent personalities, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan wrote today to the President of India, Prime Minister, Union Home Minister, chairmen of the National Human Rights and National Minorities commissions, U.P. chief minister and others about glaring Police lawlessness in Mathura where Mewati Muslims have been killed in fake encounters and threatened that they will be killed if they ventured into Mathura. AIMMM president took cognisance of a report published in yesterday’s Inquilab Urdu daily which is translated below.

The AIMMM president has asked the President and other responsible leaders of the Union and U.P. state governments to take action against this lawlessness by people in uniform. Following is the full text of the letter and a translation of the Inquilab report:

27 February 2013
Shri Pranab Mukerjee
Hon’ble President of India
New Delhi
Respected Sir,

I am writing to you with a heavy heart. This is not an overstatement in the backdrop of the free-for-all race to kidnap, arrest, kill, incarcerate for years without trial, torture in secret safe houses, police stations and even inside jails. This rush to persecute and criminalize the Muslim community, especially the Muslim youth, has been going on since at least 2001 when the BJP was in power and has continued unabated under the Congress rule at the Centre. Police, Intelligence, Special Cell, ATS, STF and umpteen other open and secret agencies are going about their unending persecution game as if there is no constitution or law or judiciary in the country. The latest blind arrests in Hyderabad and beyond are staring us in our disbelieving eyes at this point of time.

Direct and unprovoked police attack on the Muslim community has been widely reported in recent years. Cases of Hashimpura & Maliana (22 May 1987), Beemmapalli (17 May 2009), Forbesganj (3 June 2011), Moradabad (6 July 2011), Gopalgarh (14 September 2011), Rudrapur (2 October 2011) and more recently Dhule (6 January 2013) are only some glaring examples known to all but apart from lip service, nothing concrete has been done to stop and detoxify this menace of an utterly communalized and biased force.

The immediate provocation that made me write this letter is a news item in a respectable Urdu newspaper which shows how our police has become an unbridled beast, killing innocents at will and behaving as if it is law unto itself. I am afraid this menace will not stop with the Muslim community. Instead, a day will come when no one’s life and honour will be safe in our country at the hands of these beasts in uniform. I have got this report translated in full for your convenience. The same is attached herewith alongwith the original Urdu report.

The S.P. Mathura referred to in the report is Pradeep Yadav and Advocate Sher Muhammad referred to in the report may be contacted at 09812006792.

Kindly take whatever action is possible under law at your end.

Yours sincerely,


Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
[Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim organisations]
D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025  India
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“If anyone of you comes to Mathura, his fate will be similar to that of Shabbir”
By Farzan Qureshi
New Delhi: “Government has given us the licence to kill people. If any Mewati came to Mathura, he too will be killed”.

Sarpanch Mumtaz Ali of Rethat village of Mewat district said this quoting Mathura Police. The background of this warning by Mathura Police is that at about 10 p.m. on 20 February, two real brothers, both truck drivers living in Rethat village of Mewat district, were driving their truck towards Mathura. On their way, they stopped at Chaudhari dhaba for taking their dinner. After dinner, the younger brother Shabbir went to the toilet. On his return, a police officer stopped him and questioned him. When he told his name and the district he came from, the police officer took him along and subsequently shot him dead. Police claimed that he was killed in a “encounter” while people of his village say that he was killed in a fake encounter. Sarpanch Mumtaz Ali accused that  on 23 February the Mathura police had threatened us in front of all members of the Panchayet that “government has given us the licence to kill people and if anyone of you came to Mathura he too will meet the same fate as that of Shabbir”. The police officer also said that “so far I have killed 16 persons”.

Mumtaz Ali further said that police did not register any FIR even five days after Shabbir’s murder, neither handed over his dead body to us nor allowed us to bury his body nor gave us his medical report”. He added that (in the absence of these things) on what ground can we file a case. He added that villagers are not much educated people and hence police keeps frightening and threatening them every now and then. He said that if we get his dead body, we would have got post-mortem done and initiate some action. He further said that Mewat’s S.P. has told Mathura police not to give Shabbir’s dead body to these people, otherwise they will sit on a dharna and indulge in disturbances. Mumtaz Ali alleged that when we went to the Mathura Police for taking Shabbir’s dead body, policemen told us that the S.P. very much hates the people of Mewat, so it is better if you do not meet him. Policemen even told us that you people are very lucky that we showed you Shabbir’s dead body, otherwise we do not show the dead bodies of persons whom we kill.

Mumtaz Ali said that Mathura police has so far killed five-six youths of Mewat and after killing them they either burn them or bury them instead of giving the bodies to anyone. He also revealed that before actually murdering Shabbir, one grave was already dug and kept ready in Mathura city two days prior to the murder. This proves that police had deliberately killed Shabbir in an encounter. Mumtaz said, while describing the conditions in Shabbir’s house and village, that there is mourning in his house and his mother, wife and two daughters are totally broken down. A wave of fear prevails in the village and no one is taking care of us.

Meanwhile, reacting to the police claim openly that government has given them the licence to kill, advocate Sher Muhammad said that we are trying to gather proofs and witnesses for filing a case in the High Court. He added that this was a fake encounter and even if police has got the post-mortem done, it will be according to its own liking. He said that we were not allowed to bury Shabbir’s dead body. Instead, the police buried it on its own and did not even allow his mother and wife to look at it.

Inquilab Urdu daily, Delhi, 26 Feb 2013  [Translated from Urdu]
Clipping of report in Urdu:

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