Hyderabad blasts: no lessons learnt

Hyderabad was hit again by a terror strike. Over a dozen precious lives have been lost and dozens have been injured. Memories of Makka Masjid blast are still fresh, three dozen Muslim youths then implicated and framed by the A.P. Police are still crying for justice and rehabilitation. And yet, media, especially electronic channels, wasted no time to proclaim “Muslim” names, the ubiquitous “Indian Mujahidin” and Bhatkal bros, as responsible for the blast. While the state government, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Union Home Ministry were saying that they still do not have any clues, unnamed Police and security sources were feeding the channels and media that all clues point to the IM. A.P. Police wasted no time to dispatch teams to Azamgarh and Darbhanga etc, people already incarcerated in Delhi’s Tihar Jail were dragged back to the infamous Delhi Police Special Cell’s torture chambers to “confess” that a year back they had done “recce” of the affected area in Hyderabad. The whole history of Hyderabad, Makka Masjid blast, Togadia’s venom-spitting and threat to turn the city into “Ayodhya” was all forgotten. Worse, the same boys who were exonerated by court in the Makkah Masjid blast case, compensated and given certificates by the Hyderabad Police commissioner that they are innocent — were re-arrested after the latest blast and at this point are being tortured in the infamous A.P. Police’s torture chambers to confess.

The Union Home Minister with his retraction and apology to the Hindutva forces had already paved the ground for this renewed persecution of innocent Muslim youths. From now on, no Police and security agency will dare accuse any “Hindu’ of committing an act of terror, otherwise the whole hell will break. RSS and BJP will be out on the streets and in Parliament with their tricks to force Shinde or his successor to eat humble pie. Perhaps to pre-empt this, Shinde did not waste time to blame IM and LeT to be behind the blasts while officially his ministry and A.P. Police were still saying that they do not have any solid clue as yet. Home Minister’s quick capitulation and putting the blame on the weakest chain in the system, demonstrates that the fight is long to force the Union government to accept the fact of Hindutva terror.

    Zafarul-Islam Khan

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2013 on page no. 1

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