Where is Indian Mujahidin’s headquarter?

Asks Tariq Anwar, Union minister of state for agriculture, food and civil supplies
By Tariq Anwar

During the recent Governors Conference held in Delhi, President Pranab Mukerjee laid emphasis on the need to foil all attempts to weaken the country’s unity and integrity. Describing terrorism as a great danger, he said that we must be determined and firm in dealing with this anti-humanity and fatal disease. He also made an appeal to unite to protect women.

In this Conference of Governors, two fundamental issues were mentioned by the President. He made an appeal to the government, governors and the people of India to tackle unitedly, both forms of terrorism — the difference being only in degree. As regards the first issue, it clearly relates to terrorism in the real sense of the term, but in respect of the second, i.e. protection and safety of women, this too relates to terrorism because a person or thing needs protection only when it faces danger from someone or something.

The question now arises: whose protection and from whom? The answer is protection of Eve’s daughters from beastly human beings. Today, we have gone down so low that the honour and chastity of Eve’s daughters has to be protected against the sons of Adam. Hence, we have to seriously think about its reasons and its effects and find out a permanent solution.

Something needs protection only when it faces danger. When beasts in the garb of human beings satisfy their lust at the cost of the honour and chastity of Eve’s daughters, they too are terrorists for the daughters of Eve in particular, and for society in general. That’s why recently when some brutes satisfied their lust with the honour of a female student in Delhi, the entire country rose up in protest and revolt and the youth of the country took to the streets. The country then realised that the punishment of rajm (stoning to death) prescribed by Islam for rapists is better and these brutes should be publicly executed so that future generations should learn a lesson. Someone suggested that just as the victim was taken to Singapore for treatment, in the same manner rapists need to be taken to Saudi Arabia for punishment.

In short, the fundamental points which the President hinted at in his speech in the presence of the prime minister and other ministers related to terrorism only. The difference being in degree alone. The President’s speech strengthens the belief, and it can be firmly stated, that he too admits that there are some violent and anti-peace forces which are not only bent upon weakening the unity and integrity of the country but they are also a great danger for the country’s security. And that is why he laid emphasis on tackling these forces with an iron hand.

Terrorism after all has no religion or colour. It is painful when some people say that all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. I have been repeatedly writing and speaking that of all those arrested on the pretext of terrorism, the majority, after spending the best and most useful part of their life in jails, are released and this majority is Muslims. But these people raise hell when a reliable and responsible person like the Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde says that training in terrorism is imparted in RSS and BJP camps. After this statement, towering leaders like Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Iyer came forward in his support and told mediapersons in clear terms that whatever the home minister said is hundred percent true. The Union home secretary too held a press conference and in support of the home minister’s statement, issued a list of ten such persons who are directly or indirectly linked to the RSS and who are either in jail for their complicity in terrorist activities or are absconding and a search for them is going on.

Obviously, if a responsible person like the Union home minister makes such an statement, there must be some element of truth in it and then only such a serious matter will be made public. But after the home minister’s statement, many Muslim organisations as well as many responsible persons expressed the doubt that his statement may remain only a statement without any practical action being taken. They also suspected that government may shirk its responsibility in putting into practice the statement made by the home minister, that such a statement was made for deriving political advantage or to garner votes in view of next year’s Parliamentary elections and to please the minorities, particularly Muslims who are being harassed and accused of terrorism and jailed, and the bright future of whose children has been, or is being, destroyed because they are put behind bars for ages and ages.

If there is no such thing, government must tell the world that when there are sufficient proofs, and the home ministry admits that training in terrorism is imparted in RSS camps, what prevents it from taking strong action against the RSS? When the government can knock at the doors of High Court for putting a ban on SIMI on the pretext of terrorism, why no announcement can be made on putting a ban on RSS? Ban on RSS can be a more useful step for taking the war against terrorism to its logical end. If no practical steps are taken in this direction, the question will obviously arise why double standard is being adopted in the on-going war against terrorism? India must understand that by adopting double-standards, achieving success in anything is like living in a fool’s paradise.

If no ban is imposed on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and it is kept free, not one but thousands of Col. Purohits will be born and we all know their dream. If the government fails to impose the ban on RSS, it will have to clarify what is it that prevents it from imposing the ban on it inspite of the fact that it has sufficient proofs against the RSS. The country wants to know where are the officers who were trained by Col. Purohit who played an important role in the bomb blasts in Malegaon mosque? When it has been proved that Mumbai’s former ATS chief K.P. Raghuvanshi was working in association with Col. Purohit, government will have to tell the country what action has been taken against Raghuvanshi and what mischiefs or crimes he had committed along with Col. Purohit? Similarly, whenever any bomb blast takes place anywhere, it is almost immediately stated that Indian Mujahidin are behind this and thereafter starts a media trial and arrests of persons of one particular community are made indiscriminately. Hence the government must tell: who is the chief of Indian Mujahidin, where is its headquarter and why its HQ has not been sealed so far? At the same time, the government also must tell if the sudden wave of hatred against Muslims spreading after 1992 is not because of the opening of Israeli embassy in India?

The author is the Union minister of state for agriculture, food and civil supplies. He is also the President of All India Qaumi Tanzeem. This article is translated from Rashtriya Sahara Urdu daily, 14 February 2013

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2013 on page no. 1

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