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Wakeel Ahmad Ansari

Wakeel Ahmad Ansari, advocate and educationist, a selfless and active social worker, died unsung in his home town of Jaunpur on 5 November 2012. We read his obituary much late in Al-Rashad, a magazine published in Azamgarh which said that late Maulana Mujibullah Nadwi used to organise a three-day educational and cultural competition of different kinds every year in winter in the spacious campus of Jamiatur Rashad, in which students of various maktabs and madrasas of the district participated. There used to be great hustle and bustle for three days. Wakeel Ahmad Ansari was considered among the few sincere and selfless persons of Jamiatur Rashad who selflessly served and patronised this madrasa since it was established in early 1960s.

Wakeel Ahmad Ansari was a man of simplicity, humility, contentment and religiosity who was punctual in group prayers. Maulana Mujibullah Nadwi used to call him over the phone and Wakeel Ansari used to take pride in immediately leaving Jaunpur to meet him.

Jamiatur Rashad madrasa is in fact working under Jamiatur Rashad Educational Society which is a registered body. Ansari Saheb was the joint secretary of this Society till his death and it was because of his efforts that a department of calligraphy was set up in this madrasa in cooperation with the Central Urdu Taraqqi Board. In addition to this, many buildings of Jamiatur Rishad were built with the financial assistance obtained through his sincere efforts.

Ansari Saheb rendered many notable educational and social services in his city, Jaunpur. The city’s famous Khair Girls Degree College was founded by him which, from a primary school with gradual progress, because of his hard work, is today counted among the best colleges of Poorvanchal University, and without any exaggeration it can be said that thousands of Muslim girls are educated from this college. Among his other social achievements are Khair Ambulance, Khair Pharmacy and Khair Public Library which need special mention. In Khair Pharmacy free medicines are provided to the poor and helpless patients. On both sides of his Khair automobile Ambulance, the Prophet’s hadith in Arabic is written with its translations in Urdu and Hindi saying “Best of people are those who serve people”. Roaming around in the city and adjoining areas this ambulance spread Islam’s golden principles of mutual brotherhood and human relationship. (NA Ansari)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2013 on page no. 12

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