Deoband gets acting rector

New Delhi: Darul Uloom Deoband's Majlis-e Shoora in its meeting held on 23 February unanimously decided to appoint Maulana Mufti Abul Qasim No’mani Banarsi, a member of Majlis-e Shoora, as the acting Mohtamim (Rector) of Darul Uloom with full powers. At the same time it did not accept Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Vastanvi’s offer of resignation from this post, to which he was appointed in its earlier meeting on 10 January 2011. Majlis-e Shaoora also appointed a 3-member fact-finding committee consisting of Maulana Muhammad Ismail, Maulana Malik Muhammad Ibrahim and Maulana Muhammad Manzoor to look into the complaints and claims against Maulana Vastanvi and also claims and arguments in his defence as well as the chaotic situation prevailing inside and outside this religious institution. This committee has been asked to submit its report as well its recommendations at the earliest. Depending upon the report and recommendations of the ‘fact finding’ committee, decision on Maulana Vastanvi or Maulana No’mani Banarsi being the full-fledged Mohtamim will be taken by the Shoora. Pending the report of this committee, Maulana Abul Qasim No’mani will officiate as Mohtamim of Darul Uloom with all the powers vested in the Mohtamim. Maulana Vastanvi, though not removed as Mohtamim, will not enjoy the power vested in this post during this period.

It has been noted that the decision of Majlis-e Shoora is rather confusing. Maulana Vastanvi was neither asked to resign nor his offer of resignation was accepted. This means that he is still the de jure Mohtamim of Darul Uloom but at the same time another person has been appointed as acting Mohtamim with full powers vested in his office.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2011 on page no. 3

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