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No "tip off" about Liaqat, abolish Special Cell: Mushawarat

New Delhi, 2 April 2013: A press conference was held here today at the central office of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations and eminent personalities. President of the AIMMM, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said that the Special Cell claims about the former Kashmiri militant Liaqat Ali Shah who, it claimed, was arrested from a bus stand in Gorakhpur while a clip [ ] proves that he was stopped and interrogated by the border security force, Seema Surakcha Bal, at the India-Nepal border and later handed over to security agencies from Delhi. This demolishes the Special Cell claim. Another clear discrepancy is that the Special Cell claimed that it had received a “tip off”. This too is an obvious lie as Liaqat ali Shah was handed over to the security agencies after he was stopped due to suspicion and not because of any tip off.


Dr Khan referred to the umpteen cases of entrapment, framing, fake encounters and extortion committed by members of the Special Cell and demanded the abolition of this force. Since now there is a full-fledged national agency to probe terror matter, viz., National Investigation Agency, there is no need for such local forces which are misusing their powers. He also demanded the repeal of UAPA which is being grossly misused like its predecessors TADA and POTA. He reminded that UPA was voted to power on a promise to repeal POTA but it soon brought UAPA through the backdoor. Dr Khan also demanded the setting up of a screening committee to review terror cases, setting up of fast track courts to try terror accused, compensation to the acquitted in terror cases and punishment of police and intelligence officers found guilty of framing youths in terror cases.

Dr Rahmani speaking at the press conference

Dr Taslim Ahmad Rahmani spoke in detail about the Liaqat Ali Shah case and explained the gaping holes in the Special Cell story. He said the Special Cell’s whole story is suspect and since his arrest itself and Special Cell’s claim about “tip off” is false, everything else falls flat. He demanded a quick winding up of this force which stands discredited now to say the least.

Dr SQR spoke about the whole terror policy of the government which entraps Muslim youth in order to keep the community in a state of flux and divert its attention from real issues of progress.

Following is the press statement issued at the press conference:

Press Statement issued at the Press Conference on Special Cell’s false claims about Liaqat Ali Shah; Tuesday, 2 April, 2013 — at Mushawarat Central Office

Delhi Police’s Special Cell claimed on 22 March 2013 that it had arrested a “Hizbul Mujahidin militant”, Liaqat Ali Shah, two days earlier from a bus stand in Gorakhpur after receiving a “tip off” that he was coming to the national capital for a “fedayeen” terror strike during the Holi festival. The force claimed that it had averted a huge bloodbath as a result of this arrest. To butteress its claim, the force also claimed to have received a cache of arms from a room of a hotel in old Delhi which it claimed the said miltant was going to use when he reached Delhi. These claims have since been highly discredited by the forceful assertion with proofs by the J&K Police and the J&K government, including Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, that the said former militant was coming to Kashmir under a government plan to rehabilitate former militants.

While the Special Cell spoiled and put in danger a very important government scheme to end militancy in Kashmir, it has, as usual, told plain lies to sex up its story. There is no proof that the Special Cell had any “tip off” about the said person, otherwise it must have shared the same with other agencies, especially with the BSF manning the Indo-Nepal border from where the alleged “terrorist” was going to come. We are showing a video clip of the commander of the BSF force at the Indo-Nepal border from where the said “terrorist” entered India with his family. The BSF commander says that since these people did not have proper papers, they were stopped and interrogated and later handed over to other security agencies. This exposes another lie of the Special Cell which claims to have arrested Liaqat Ali Shah from a bus stand in Gorakhpur when the fact is that he was in the custody of security agencies at the time.

It is our contention that the Special Cell, as usual, has faked a story to earn false laurels, medals, monetary rewards and out-of-turn promotions as has been the case in umpteen cases where this force has been found faking terror cases and implicating innocents, killing people in fake encounters, torturing to obtain fake confessions, as well as running extortion rackets. The recently published documentary book, Framed, Damned and Acquitted by the Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association has exposed 16 such cases faked by the Special Cell.

Since this rogue force refuses to learn and correct itself, it is our demand that this force should be disbanded forthwith due to its shameful past record. The formation of the National Investigation Agency too shows that there is no room or need for such a special force.

We take this opportunity to demand the repeal of the UAPA which is being misused against the Muslim community and other marginalised sections of our society by the UPA government which had come to power in 2004 on the express commitment to repeal the misused POTA but it saw it fit to bring through the backdoor a worse “law” to terrorise people. Muslim youths are being regularly entrapped in fake cases to keep the community in a state of perpetual awe of the system while proven Hindutva terrorists are being treated with kid gloves. Communal elements in the IB, Police and umpteen other agencies are free to victimise Muslim youths in the name of fighting terror.

To end this continous persecution, we demand the UPA government to:
(1)     Repeal UAPA;
(2)     Set up high-power screening committee(s) to look into all the cases where Muslim youths are languishing, at times blamed from 20-30 blasts, rotting in jails with no hope of a future;
(3)     Set up fast track courts for those where the screening committee(s) believe that there is substance in the charges;
(4)     Collect umpteen cases filed against one person in different places and try them by a single fast track court and where a number of cases are proved false, others should be quashed as a matter of policy;
(5)     Punish the Police, Intelligence and other agencies’ personnel who framed and fabricated cases, as only this can stop this drama of the absurd;
(6)     Adequate compensation to all terror-accused set free by courts in the past or in future.
(7)     Disband Special Cell of the Delhi Police and all similar special forces across India and use only the NIA for the purpose of fighting terror and similar threats to national security.
Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, President, AIMMM
Dr TA Rehmani, President; Muslim Political Council of India
Janab Mohammad Ahmad, Secretary, Jamaat-e Islami Hind
Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Vice President, Welfare Party of India
Dr SQR Ilyas, GeneralSecretary, Welfare Party of India


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