Confessions of Saffron terrorists - ix

Part 9: Excerpts from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chargesheet in Malegaon case:
S. Dwivedi: …. some main function is to take the matter to UNO and get it registered and form a government in exile.

S. Dwiedi: …. I suggest the source. The secretary in UNO is of South Asia; has an officer on Lodhi Raod….  we arrange straight forward connection.

R.P. Singh: …. There is no problem in Thailand. We have a very strong network in Thailand. No problem in Thailand. Problem will be in Combodia.

Purohit: Minister for Propoganda and Indoctrinisation. This person shall handle the domestic media and propagate people. Minister for PR. For political region, administrative region, law and law social agency, social service, whenever the need arises we should have liaison with police people i.e., they should be in our hands. There should be such persons who have matters in their hands. Police, local police, administration and political system Ministry for affairs for he is the one. He will head our political wing. But in the central Hindu government, he only offence the minister that is all. For the country he might be a political leader but for the central Hindu government he is only a minister - not an independent. Inister for avdhaise (SIC) activities, is a charming name. We know what it stands for Minister for outsourcfing. There are a few operations which we ourselves would not undertake but shall them get done by paying.
Purohit: …. Our team is working in Nasik. Five persons are working on payment basis. Their full time assignment is to browse the net and decide what alternate sources of energy are because once we assume a form (structure); all the Muslim countries OPEC countries, they shall reduce their oil supply. They will force us to amend our ways as per their requirement, then we shall become second threat to them. So to what kind of relations are to maintained with whom shall be deciding factor. Hence, what are the alternate sources of energy and how are the oil prices fluctuating…. if we do not have such data there shall be situation which BJP faces. They came to power knowing not what to do.
Purohit: Swamiji, recently we had a meeting at Pune. We have a group in Karnataka doing extremely well. They are doing good work in their own way…. Was the chief of the Bajarang Dal in Karnataka…. because of differences he was expelled or himself defected and raised his own organisation – Hindu Rashtra Sena and Shri Ramsena.

To be continued in the next issue

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2011 on page no. 4

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