Justice Sachar advocates uplift of backward Indian Muslims


Lucknow: Justice Rajinder Sachar advocated measures for the uplift of backward section of Muslims. He was speaking at the Pasmanda Jagao - Desh Bachao [Backward class wake up, save the nation] conference organised by All India Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz here on 27 January. Addressing the audience, he said that the condition of backward Muslims is pathetic and there is a need to look after them. Regarding the hurdles in the development of backward Muslims, he remarked: “When backward Muslims raised their voices against their backwardness, it was said by many that it is a conspiracy to divide Muslims. None has tried to divide Muslims. Backward people of every religion have a right to raise their voice against their backwardness.”

While quoting a verse of the Holy Quran, he said that God never changes the destiny of a community which never endevours to change its destiny.

Renowned polls analyst Rajendra Yadav said that backward Muslims are the most backward in the Indian society because some people of high castes had snatched their rights. “I am not in favour of giving minority reservation to every Muslim as through this there would be no benefit for the backward Muslims,” he added.

Organiser of the conference, Anees Mansuri, said that some high caste Muslims sitting on state and central government posts have benefited their family members only and in reality Muslim politicians who present themselves as the messiah of the Muslim community, have not done anything for the development of their community. “Now the backward Muslims will fight for their rights and will teach these so-called politicians a lesson,” he added.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2011 on page no. 8

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