Rights activists meet Mirwaiz

Srinagar: A 30-member human rights activists group belonging to various Indian states called upon APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq here on 20 April. The delegation was led by noted rights defender Gautam Naulakha. The delegation included the activists of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee, Association for Protection of Democratic Rights, West Bengal, Association for Democratic Rights, Punjab, Budi Mukti Committee, Bengal, Committee on Rights, Manipur,  Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Areas,  Company for Peace and Democracy , Manipur, People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jharkhand, People’s Democratic Rights,  and Andhra Pradesh and People’s Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi.

Giving a detailed report over the widespread abuse of human rights in Kashmir, Mirwaiz told the delegation that their visit holds significance since every Kashmiri wants that the Indian masses should become aware and conscious about the emotions and aspirations of Kashmiri masses. He said human rights defenders after getting acquainted with the ground zero can become representatives and communicate to the masses of their respective places about the real situation prevailing in Kashmir.

APHC Chairman told the gathering that the contribution of Indian Civil Society and human rights group in bringing awareness to Indian masses about the real situation in Kashmir would prove to be more beneficial and effective since they would be taken as credible voices.

Informing the delegation that APHC has a clear policy on human rights abuse, Mirwaiz said that the conglomerate vehemently condemns the HR violations including torture, killings and murder committed by the state as well as any killings carried out by the unidentified gunmen. He said the people have lost faith in state institutions in defending the human rights in Kashmir, adding, hundreds of probe committees and commission called on to investigate abuse have failed to bear any result, let alone punishing or indicting anybody. He said the accused of HR violations were roaming freely and enjoying the patronage of the state.

He informed the delegation that execution of martyr Afzal Guru was carried out by violating the basic norms of humanity and law, adding, it has badly hurt the collective conscience of Kashmiris. APHC Chairman expressed concern over the arrest of Kashmiris who were falsely booked in Lajpat Nagar blast incident. He said despite the court ordering their release, they have been shifted to Rajasthan Jail. He said that Kashmiri prisoners lodged in outside jails were badly treated by the jail authorities.

Mirwaiz stressed upon the delegation to report the Kashmir happenings from ground zero since there was no government policy on Jammu and Kashmir except to occupy and rule it on gunpoint. He warned that there would be serious repercussions which would be difficult to control if government continues with its oppressive policies to suppress the aspirations of Kashmiris. He said India was deliberately pushing the younger generations towards picking up the arms by not taking concrete steps to resolve the K issue peacefully. He said GOI was making tall claims about solving the daily issues of Kashmiris, but it looked the other way when it comes to heed to the political aspirations and emotions of the people.

APHC Chairman said it was highly regretting that at any given time government agencies can paralyse the political and religious activities of pro-freedom leadership by arresting them or keeping them under house detention.  He said being the chief cleric of Kashmir, Mirwaiz said he was kept under house detention for more than fifty days in the aftermath of martyrdom of Afzal guru. As a result, he said his religious activities were restricted and state directly infringed into his personal religious affairs.

Following a well orchestrated policy, he said, Kashmiris were deliberately made dependent. He said their water resources were being exploited and in return they were not even receiving alms. He said the government was promoting the trade of spurious drugs in Kashmir and as a result number of infants and grown ups have lost their lives. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2013 on page no. 3

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