RSS to go to UN for Hindus

Mathura (Vrindavan): A global meet of Hindu organisations all over the world is being convened in Mathura (Vrindavan) to plan a strategy for the future. A week long convention (3-9 April) is to discuss the road map for Hindutva. The first day of the convention was attended by delegates from 17 countries. Sangha claims to have 40 international members.

The meet is to be addressed by Mohan Bhagwat, the supreme, and VHP secretary Dinesh, Shanta and Bhaiya Joshi and others. The Sangh proposes to raise the issue of the plight of Hindus in neighbouring countries in the UNO. In fact, approaching the UNO has been on Abhinav Bharat’s agenda too.

The Sangh is to give its approval Ravikumar, the joint co-ordinator of the convention apprised that opinions about Hindus is becoming more and more favourable all over the world because of globalisation. The convention is being attended by delegates from USA, Canada, Guyana, UK, Germany, Srilanka, Nepal, Mynmar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2013 on page no. 4

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