Terror victim released honorably

New Delhi: Khalid Ali, a 38-year old Mechanical engineer who was arrested in the first week of November last year (2012) a few months after communal riots in Kosi Kalan (near Mathura) was honourably released on 26 March from Mathura Jail. It may be stated that after passing B. Tech from Jamia Millia in 1997 he got employment in Saudi Arabia and every two years he used to come to his home town, Kosi Klan (where in communal riots four Muslims were killed) In July last year (2012) he had come to Kosi Kalan on leave. After about 5 months he was arrested by UP police on 7 November for his alleged complicity in riots but in the absence of any proof he was released very soon on bail. Shortly thereafter he was again arrested by UP police on 10 December under NSA (National Security Act) under a conspiracy. All sorts of false and unfounded allegations, in complicity with police, communal forces and equally communal media also, were made by police, that he was leading the rioters, that he is an agent of Pakistan, that he is associated with ‘D’ company, that he was the master mind of communal riots and that he had obtained Rs. 2 crores from a foreign country etc.

Jamiatul Ulama’s Maulana Arshad Madni who has been trying since long through his organisation’s legal cell to free innocent Muslims got in touch with Mulayam Singh, his brother Prof Ram Gopal Yadav etc, strongly urging them to lift NSA from him as it is totally unjustified. Any how, with the intervention of Mulayam Singh and in consultation with IG police and legal experts not only NSA was lifted but he was released also on 26 (or 25 March 2013). Fearing arrest again if he goes to Kosi Kalan he (Khalid Ali) came to Delhi and is now living along with his family at the residence of his sister at Abul Fazal Enclave.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2013 on page no. 4

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