New Urdu daily from Delhi

New Delhi: A new Urdu daily newspaper, “Qaumi Salamti” has been launched here on 17 April. This newspaper was in fact registered in 2006 but has been launched only now. The printer and publisher of this Urdu daily is Siraj Paracha, a known figure of the capital’s Muslim community, while the editor is Syed Muhammad Kazmi, a senior Urdu journalist who was arrested last year by Delhi Police’s Special Cell for his alleged involvement in the bomb blast in the car of a diplomat of Israeli embassy in Delhi. Since Kazmi was writing mainly for Iran, because of strained and inimical relations between Israel and Iran, it is believed that he was arrested and implicated falsely on the basis of the Israeli pressure on the Indian government which maintains strong relations with the Israeli intelligence outfit, Mossad, whose terrorist exploits and false flag operations are well-known all over the world. Though Kazmi had strongly denied any connection in any way with the said blast, he was nonetheless arrested and jailed but released on bail after a few months. The new newspaper has been well-received in the capital. It is believed that soon it will have editions in some other cities.   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2013 on page no. 13

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