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Maximum number of Muslims in U.P. jails

Lucknow: According to statistics available, maximum number of Muslims are in U.P. jails and according to National Crime Record Bureau’s statistics till the end of 2011, as many as 5877 Muslims are cooling their heels in U.P. jails who are 21 percent of the total population of prisoners in U.P. jails. In addition to this, 14778 Muslims are under trial in different jails of U.P. which gives a percentage of 27.5. Again, besides these numbers, 98 Muslims have been detained who form 46% of all prisoners who are detained.

It may be stated that there are 64 jails in U.P. in which 44708 prisoners can be accommodated but according to available statistics, 82383 prisoners are locked up in different jails of U.P.

Leaving aside population (UP’s population is highest in the country) in West Bengal where there is Mamta Bannerji’s government and whose population is much less than that of U.P., the percentage of Muslims in jails is highest in West Bengal, seeing that according to National Crime Record Bureau’s statistics till 2011 end, there were 2595 Muslims in different jails of this state. This means that total population of Muslims in these jails is 46 percent. In addition to these, 6174 Muslims are under trial in West Bengal jails. This population is 45.5 percent of all undertrials. In addition, 3 Muslims are under detention who are 60 percent of the detained persons. There are 55 jails in the state where 20672 persons can be accommodated. However, total number of prisoners in this state is 19508.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2013 on page no. 14

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