When will UPA II shed its velvet glove treatment of RSS

Lucknow: After the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) functionary Aseemanand confessions the beans have been spilled. There has been a spurt in press-conferences all over India, and demands for the release of the many innocent Muslim boys held in prison for terrorist blasts in the country are being made. But, what has happened, ironically and unfortunately though, is that Muslim organisations could do precious little to actually articulate their demand for the release of innocent Muslim boys, and have treacherously confined themselves just to the issuance of mere statements on blogs or on TV cameras.

There is a no follow-up programme. It was once contemplated here in Lucknow that Shahi Imam would be invited and asked to lead a procession alongwith Maulana Kalb-e Jawwad from Bara Imambara to the Vidhan Sabha, but the plan could not materialise, only because of the egos of the Muslim leaders and their organisations. The picture, however, is not that bleak as Indian National League (INL), inspite of its  own constraints, staged a dharna for a whole day at Jyotiba Phule Park in the state capital on Feb 10. Its President Muhammed Suleiman had come from Kerala and despite the travel fatigue managed the whole protest. Some critics liken him to Omar Mukhtar (played by Antony Quinn in the film Lion of Desert), who had risen against the Italians and had inspired a revolution.

“The saffron brigade’s brazen acts of terrorism have now all been exposed in the blasts of Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon, Ajmer etc and their scouts in the form of Pragya Thakur Singh, Srikant Purohit, Dayanand Pandey, Indresh Kumar etc, of RSS sister concerns like Abhinav Bharat and Sri Ram Sena etc, have now been named as co-accused. It is now open secret that no Muslim is involved in any blast in the country,” said Suleiman.

“It is time that all Muslims, who have been wrongly put into jail, be released with immediate effect and given compensation alongwith a government job, so that they are also able to lead their lives with dignity and honour or else judiciary would be the worst casualty in this largest democracy of the world. It is the judiciary only where an ordinary citizen can seek redress for what he has had to suffer at the hands of inept police officials and it is time the judiciary came forward and rescued and resuscitated the faith of the masses in this institution of justice,” he said. When will UPA-II ban the RSS if not after all this much? When will UPA-II show some guts instead of velvet gloves treatment for RSS,” he questioned.

INL state president Fahim Siddiqui called it ‘terribly unfortunate’ the way UPA-II is marred by the incessant scams. He called upon the UPA to consider it an opening for its ‘inward-accountability’, as it had been elected to power on account of secularism and is therefore to play by the aspirations of the people, or else, if UPA-II would lose its credibility, then the next option, for the masses would be the fascist BJP, with hordes of Aseemanand protégés and clones within it. There would be yet again the same victimisation of Muslims. Muslims are the second biggest majority in the country. It is time UPA started to put its act together and show the nation that it means business,” he said.

A memorandum addressed to President Pratibha Patil was also submitted to the ADM City, which denounced the terrorist acts perpetrated by RSS and its offshoots like Vishwa Hindu Parashad, Bajrang Dal, Abhinav Bharat, Sri Ram Sena etc, on innocent Indians and which ironically resulted in Muslims languishing in jails as the perpetrators. The memorandum demanded that time need not be wasted to ban all such organisations if the rule of law is to survive in the country. It also demanded that innocent Muslim youths be released with honour so that they may also begin a life or else the trust in the rule of law and the judiciousness of our courts would take to serious blow.

Muslims, who have faced tirades since 1997, when Bhartiya Janta Party-led National Democratic Alliance was in power, are still under the same perceptible government, which refuses to change its hedonist applications, bent upon Muslim cleansing, through illegal imprisonment, torture of worst inhuman kind inside jails, fake encounters etc. All this despite RSS involvement in all this has come to light and therefore it is time, when courts are to step in, in order to help redeem people’s faith in the system. This was the sentiment at the dharna site.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2011 on page no. 11

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