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Falahuddarain holds annual Sirat conference


By Showkat Nanda
Baramulla (J&K) : "Western propaganda against Islam and Muslims and branding them as extremists and terrorists cannot  wash away the fact that the Prophet of Islam came as the ambassador of peace and his whole life is a guide which can  show us the path to salvation," said Dr Ubaidullah Fahad, a prominent Islamic scholar and Peace TV speaker. He was addressing a public gathering at the Seerat Conference held by Idhara Falahuddarain of Baramulla to  commemorate its tenth anniversary on 13 June. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Fahad said that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) came as a mercy for the entire Mankind. He said that in both good and the bad times, the Prophet treated all  humans with  compassion and kindness irrespective of their religion or creed.

"After the conquest of Mecca, even the enemies of Islam were treated with exemplary kindness by the Prophet and that tradition can be found in all generations of Muslims to this day. In every chapter of Muslim history from Salahuddin Ayyubi  to Taliban, there are examples where the hints of that kindness can be found" he said.

Talking about the West’s concept of “peace”, Dr Fahad lamented that America which boasts to be the upholder of human rights and a champion of peace is setting the example of the worst kind of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other scholars who spoke on the occasion included Dr. Bashir Ahmad Nahvi, Director Iqbal Institute, University  of Kashmir, Maulana Shakeel Shafaie and Maulana Showkat Shaheen, Khateeb Masjid Iqra, Srinagar.

The speakers enlightened the masses on the need of holding tight the rope of Allah. Dr. Bashir Ahmad Nahvi while speaking on the occasion stressed upon the need for the implementation of the teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Talking about the mission of the prophets from Adam (AS) and Mohammad (SAW) he said that they all came with the message of oneness of Allah.  

Maulana Showkat Shaheen, in a very emotional and charged tone, said that no doubt Muslims are way behind the  West economically and politically but when it comes to morals, familial system, ethics and humanity, Muslims are far  ahead of the West. "We need to safeguard these values to be able to call ourselves good human beings and true Muslims. For that we need to stick to the principles of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Maulana Shakeel Shafaie, spoke about the supremacy of Islam over all other religions and it being the true  way of life.

During the Seerat Conference, Idara Falahuddarain announced the launch of a website and inaugurated a digital  library which contains speeches by prominent Islamic scholars of the world.

Earlier, Idara Falahuddarain orgainsed an interaction programme with members of different communities at  Girl’s Higher Secondary School. The programme was attended by people from all walks of life including a large  number of non-Muslims.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2010 on page no. 17

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