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RSS stance against the floodgate of startling revelations: prevarication

Prevarication is dodging facing the truth. Prevaricating in matters of national interest where the unity and integrity of the country is involved is even worse. It is treachery. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has the hallmark of this prevarication. The RSS has spawned numerous orgsanizations as a tactic to sabotage India’s secular polity and turn it into a Hindu Rashtra with minorities existing, if at all, at it sufferance.

This latter fact is the governing thought of the pre-Partition ethos of the communal politics vis-à-vis Muslim League’s determination to have a separate country, Pakistan. Muslims raping Hindu women and girls or parading them naked in Lahore was as much terror as Hindus and Sikhs raping or parading of Muslim women and girls naked in Amritsar. Terrorism was not born on 9/11, 2001. History is replete with such events showing how men have behaved as beasts with fellow human beings. But politics of terrorism-the co-called ‘war on terror’ and its hideous adjunct that ‘either you are with us or against us’-was born at the onset of 21st century in the US and instantly imported into India. This is true, though not all the people of India know it or support it.

K K Mysorewala was in charge of Naroda Patiya 2002 where horrendous murder, rape and burning of human beings alive took place. When Muslim women pleaded with him to shelter them from the rampaging mob he had famously said that he had orders from above that that day they had to let the Hindu mobs wreak havoc on the Muslims. Come September 29, 2008 a bomb exploded near a mosque in Modasa killing a fifteen-year-old and injuring many others in the Ramadan crowd of Muslims, just like what happened exactly at the same time in Malegaon.

Now that the National Investigation Agency is taking over the investigation of such incidents, there is need for a more comprehensive inquiry into the kind of prevarication that Mysorewala and his ilk exhibited at both the occasions, as both are instances of terror.  

As RSS keeps no record of its members and the central government has no appetite to ban any Hindu organization, there is no need to find out whether the duo, Mysorewala and Narendra Modi, belong to the same organization. Modi had blessed the Chhara community women for having given birth to men who had performed the pogroms.  Why should he or anyone prevaricate on the conduct of a pogrom? Transparency is the best way to assure justice and, what is more: guarantee that this nation survives with honour despite bouts of murder and mayhem. There is no sophistry of ‘cultural nationalism’ here.

The virus of prevarication, telling half truth or lie, is spread all through and up to the top. The retired deputy director of Intelligence Bureau Ashok Karnik who should know the kind of society we have ‘created’ says, “On a few occasions when extremists are traced and arrested, there is clamour from civil libertarians to ensure that they get fair trial. This is a just demand in a society which takes pride in its adherence to the rule of law. However, it runs counter to the outraged feelings in the society which is not prepared to listen to any defence of terrorism.” Why is it lost on this IB official that defence of terrorism is one thing and defence of an accused is another? How in the heavens can he equate defence of accused as defence of terrorism? Unless the court has proved a person guilty beyond doubt, he is an honourable citizen of this country. That is how the so-called “society which takes pride in its adherence to the rule of law” should look at what has happened in all incidents of terrorism including Gujarat 2002 and Modasa 2008.  Unfortunately the government set-up and the society are not up to the ideals of any sort or else Vinita Kamte would not have the misgivings she had. She says: “There was a time when I was so desperate for the truth that I felt that I should go and meet Kasab and ask him what happened? Can you imagine my situation-should I feel the need to ask a terrorist what happened that night-do you feel the situation has changed! I felt it was important to speak one’s mind. I just thought we would expose the system and people would take it forward. I still feel that people must ask questions and hold those in power responsible.” Why shouldn’t people ask Mysorewala and Modi questions that disturb us, the ordinary citizens of this great country? Do the questions of the widow of the slain deputy commissioner of police Ashok Kamte disturb Rakesh Maria, a colleague and of the same batch of IPS and now a successor of the angelic Hemant Karkare?

The kind of sophistry that RSS and its ‘cultural nationalism’ have woven around makes it difficult if not impossible to know the truth. However, the times have changed. The floodgate of information opening up on the involvement of RSS is staggering. Devendra Gupta was what Ram Madhav calls vibagh pramukh of three districts. He had procured SIM cards used in Ajmer, Mecca mosque and Samjhauta Express attacks and it does not stop with him. Ramji Kalsangrah, Himanshu Panse, Sandeep Dange, Sunil Joshi, etc are all from RSS. They are the progeny of Nathuram Godse and Madanlal Pawa.

Despite the overwhelming nature of evidence, does “a society which takes pride in its adherence to the rule of law” unequivocally say that they, above mentioned RSS functionaries, are terrorists? Ram Madhav is the epitome of prevarication: “We don’t know the charges yet. When we know about it, then we will certainly think about it. But beyond that there is nothing. Let me talk about the other part of your question. This vicarious satisfaction of people like you is amazing. The event [arrests of Hindus] doesn’t mitigate the fact that there exists something called Islamic terrorism in this world, not just in India. There is something called global terrorism that is inspired by the ideology of jihad. It exists.

Just because someone associated with the RSS or Bajrang Dal or any organisation gets arrested, it doesn’t mean there is no Islamic terrorism. How can you say that? I am saying that there is no Hindu terrorism. For a simple reason -- at the most some Hindus have indulged in such acts which have to be condemned by everyone. At the most you can call these people’s action as counter-Islamic terrorism. It is not at all Hindu terrorism.”

This is what Madhav told Sheila Bhatt. But Modi had been asserting the third law of Newton ad absurdum. Suresh Joshi has also chipped in: “Its counter-Islamic terrorism, not Hindu terror”. So, Islamic terrorism or jihadist terrorism is alright but not Hindu terrorism (the kind of terror that Ramji Kalsangrah unleashed at Bhiku Chowk in Malegaon!) How could countering terror through terror be justified? Rajiv Gandhi had sent the Indian peace keeping force to Sri Lanka where Indian soldiers suffered heavy casualties. LTTE also countered by terror that took the life of the former prime minister of India and many others. Could India accept that counter-terrorism is no terror?

Or, the current crucible test of Samjhauta Express (and contrast it with Maoists blowing trains) where Abhinav Bharat has claimed responsibility, its founding member Lt Col Purohit supplied RDX and the Haryana police have already identified the shops from where the bags were bought and even some of the explosives in Indore. Now comes the news that Kalsangra, Devenda Gupte were also connected with the event. Interestingly some new statements of Purohit were added to distance himself and his Abhinav Bharat from RSS. He plotted to kill Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar. The mystery of the white powder that could wipe out the trail of the murder. These brain-children of the RSS also include Ashok Singhal who sees in the arrest of Sadhvi Pragyasingh Thakur the myth of Mary Magdalane and the attempt of the Roman Catholic Church to destroy her line of descent. The mystery surrounding RSS is much thicker because it involves highly educated and well-placed executives of all levels. We will require many volumes thicker than Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code to unravel everything.

Suffice to say for the present that we have reached the capital of terrorism, Indore. Lokesh Sharma had bought a cellphone from this town of his birth. The phone was hanging in a bag with the bomb outside on the grill of Mecca mosque. However, the SIM card was bought by Devendra Gupta. But then these are individuals who do not make up the RSS, says Ram Madhav. He knows the truth for he is an honourable man(!) 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2010 on page no. 11

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