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Encounter of Maoist cadre by Police

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is known as insanity and that’s what the Indian Police Service seems to be suffering from.

They are taking the leadership of this country for a ride. If they continue these killings and their organized corruption, the day is not far when they will drive all sane Indians to jungles with guns in their hands.

The Apex Court had rightly pronounced in its judgment that “Police excesses will kill democracy in India”. Every act of Police whether it is extortion by traffic cops or illegal detention, custodial death or extrajudicial killings, use of excessive force by police on protesting citizens or denying legitimate space for protests, each and every act of Police turns into a nail in the head of democracy. Even the most peaceful states like Haryana and Himachal are not exceptions to the above unprofessional conduct of civil police. RK Sharma (IPS) is in jail over Shivani murder, SPS Rathore (IPS) is in jail over Ruchika molestation case while some of their accomplices from IPS who helped them are still enjoying the immunity extended by their fraternity (you protect my back I will protect your back-pact). Ramesh Sehgal (IPS) was caught taking bribe from a jailed criminal, Anil Dawra (IPS) is jailed for felony. The worst example of these people promoting crime is the case of Sub-Inspector Ram Kumar of Haryana Police who was accused of gang rape of a minor and remains absconding from the judicial process and is declared proclaimed offender but the Immune Police Service leaderhsip not only regularised his absence period but promoted him to Dy.SP and when questioned by Punjab Haryana High Court, the current DGP said: It is the state government that can take action bacause he is now Dy.SP. They are nothing but criminal minds in uniform. Surely there are no psychology tests conducted for induction into IPS. Even if these psychology tests had been introduced, these characters could have bribed their way through to plunder India by organized corruption and organized violence.

The recent comments of one of these officers on the casualities being suffered by CRPF reflects upon their shallow professional knowledge. We are sure this fraternity of Salaskars and Rajbirs decorated for killings of 100s, are only experts in fake encounters of unarmed people but when pitted against armed persons they die like sitting ducks without even firing a single shot and if this pseudo-khaki general who indulged into loose talk on CRPF killings has some notions about his abilities and leadership, he must take on this challenge and physically lead single operations. These pseudo-cops have always waded through papers on clerical tables with in four walls, or else they would understand what counter-insurgency operations are all about. Holding press briefings and Powerpoint presentations and pleasing politicians are their forte while counter-insurgency operations are acid tests to win over the trust of our people and call for exemplary leadership and here these peudo-cops fail completely. Each fake encounter through which these pseudos are trying to demonstrate their performance is going to turn into a nail into the coffin of Indian democracy.

Indians please wake up, barbarians are defiling the sacrosanct profession of arms. Dilip Trivedi, MP from Trinamool Congress, has rightly said that the bureaucracy’s, apathy is going to turn the whole country into Maoists or terrorists. It is the last bastion of colonial India, the sooner we get rid of it the better.

Judiciary must take cognizance of these killings and act suo mottu. And lastly, all the CRPF casualities are directly attributable to lack of perspective on counter-insurgency operational deployment by the babus in uniforms heading the state Police. Home Minister and Chief Minister must identify the enemy from within and discard them immediately and give command of opeartions into the hands of those who have practical experience and lived through these things. We are sure they will not find even a single cop with this qualitative requirement. They must not be misled by the badges of rank worn by these pseudo-generals. (Ci Veterans  -

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2010 on page no. 11

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