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Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Sohrabuddin and what should the youth of India know

The youth of India should be seized of the matter of the day. A few days ago the Chief Minister of Gujarat inaugurated the first-ever university for police. Moments after the programme got underway a message was flashed to the higher echelons of administration there that the Central Bureau of Investigation had issued two notices for the deputy home minister Amit Shah to appear before it. Suddenly many high ranking officers left the scene in unseemly hurry. Modi withdrew in a shellshock pensive mood! What caused this fright sweeping through the dais of a university where some of them may be educated and trained in time to come to run the future India?

The youth of India should have a robust heuristic sense which can make them see for themselves the ground reality. To do that, they must refuse to be snared by the disguised Sirens of the day. The national secretary of Hindu Vishva Parishad Vyankatesh Abdeo says that “The generation (since 1992) has grown up with a perception that the VHP is bad.” New generation must know why it is so.

The youth must have a historical sense which tells them that once during electioneering Modi had asked a crowd what they would do to Sohrabuddin. They encored: “Kill him. Kill him.” Modi joined the chorus by saying that if he had done that he was ready to be hanged.

His deputy home minister did just that: killed Sohrabuddin. In October-November 2004 marble merchants of Rajasthan  (RM Marbles) and textile merchants (Sangam Fabrics) contacted Amit Shah and asked him to have Sohabuddin killed as he demanded extortion money from them. More than a year later (November 26, 2005) Sohrabuddin was killed in a fake encounter, subsequently his wife Kauser was killed on the express order of Shah. There were 14 police officers of high ranks carrying out the dictates. Much of this was described as deshbhakti or patriotism. What the youth should learn is what this deshbhakti that VHP also teaches them is. A year after the two murders, a friend of Sohrabuddin called Tulsiram Prajapati was also killed. The police gave reason that they were transporting him when he threw chilli powder into their eyes and escaped.  The government of Gujarat admitted a year later in 2007 that Sohrabuddin was wrongly killed. Even after this admission, the Chief Minister justified the killing and dared Sonia Gandhi to punish him. Gandhi has no constitutional authority to oblige him. Full four years passed and the CID obliged Modi in refusing to proceed any further in the inquiry until the Supreme Court handed over the case to CBI.  The youth have a right to know all this before they buy the prospectus and the admission form of that university, most of whose teachers and administrators will no doubt be drawn from people sharing the Sangh ideology.

The youth must also have a strong visual power to analyse much of the images presented to them on the screen and in the newspapers, like that of Ansari Qutbuddin of 2002. They must look at the photos of the cows supposedly poisoned and killed with swords and choppers on a road between Malegaon and Manmad in Maharashtra.

The youth should know legal legerdemain behind the absconding and resignation of Amit Shah and the defense that Modi is making of an absconder: “The case against Shah was a revenge for its loss in the 2007 assembly polls when it had made Sohrabuddin a hero. This was a politically motivated action against Amit Shah and the BJP government in Gujarat to corner it and to put obstacles in development work it was carrying out”.

“Shah is completely innocent and the charges against him are fabricated. The CBI is being misused by the Congress against its political rival”. (“Sohrabuddin case: Gujarat minister Amit Shah resigns,” TOI, July 24, 2010). The youth must recall that it was in 2007 that Modi asked Sonia to hang him! In finding out who is the hero for future of India they must learn to know the villains as well as the anti-heroes.  

They will have to strenuously struggle to avoid playing in the hands of the villains as the  high ranking officers, a DIG, two SPs, two Dy. SPs, three Inspectors, three SIs. of Gujarat have done in the case of Sohrabuddin. The youth must shun the great evil of our time of how IPS officers D G Vanzara and Abhay Chudasama ran an extortion racket using Sohrabuddin but double-crossed him later at the behest of a marble lobby in Rajasthan which wanted him eliminated, through Shah (“CBI books Modi man, sets off BJP storm,” IE, July 24, 2010). Are the youth prepared to face the challenge or would they be carried away by the juggernaut of VHP?   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2010 on page no. 11

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