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Hindu organisations behind Malegaon, Ajmer and other bomb blasts

New Delhi: CBI during its investigations of bomb blasts at various places has found solid proofs that in Malegaon and Ajmer bomb blasts, not Muslim but Hindu terrorists were complicit. The CBI will soon file chargesheets regarding bomb blasts in these two places in which some Hindu extremist organisations are involved. After interrogating many activists of these organisations, CBI has come across solid proofs that Hindu terrorist organisations are spreading and secretly indulging in terrorist activities in such a way that Muslims are suspected and arrested.

According to reliable sources, CBI has almost completed its investigations into Malegaon and Ajmer blasts and will soon file its chargesheets in the court. According to these sources, CBI in cooperation with Rajasthan ATS had arrested Devinder Gupta last month (June) when it got the information that Gupta was involved in the conspiracy of bomb blasts at both these places. CBI and Rajasthan ATS men took Gupta to Kolkata, Ranchi, Jam Tara, Asansol, Dangs and Hyderabad because he had visited these places many times and at these places the conspiracy of bomb blasts was hatched. When the CBI team brought him to Ranchi and interrogated him, he admitted that he had a meeting here with some extremist organisations for two days and disclosed the names of some top persons of these organisations at whose behest he had held the meetings and toured those places. He also admitted during questioning that he had gone to Dangs also. When the CBI and Rajasthan ATS team visited the places named by Devinder Gupta they came to know that it was Swamy Asimanand’s ashram. The team also came to know that Asimanand who had been till that time evading the police had visited this ashram only four days back. Gujarat police knew about him but it did not take any action against him.

During interrogation of Gupta, CBI came to know that financing of bomb blasts was made from Jam Tara and Asansol. Gupta also named some activists and leaders of “Right Force” who had arranged the funding of those blasts. At these places Gupta had received two mobile phones. CBI questioned the shop-owner who had sold the SIM cards of these mobile phones. CBI came across solid proofs that the conspiracies of Malegaon and Ajmer bomb blasts were hatched at these places and its masterminds were Swamy Asimanand and Sunil Joshi. After the Ajmer Dargah’s bomb blasts, Sunil Joshi was murdered but it is not yet known how and why he was killed or eliminated. CBI also got the proof of Swamy Asimanand and Joshi being linked with Abhinav Bharat and that Sadhvi Pragya Singh was their disciple.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2012 on page no. 11

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