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Auto driver Shahzad sets an example in honesty


In this materialistic world where people fight and even kill for a petty amount, an auto driver has set an example of honesty for one and all. Shahzad a resident of Ujjain, who earns his living by plying an auto rickshaw, has done a commendable job by retuning jewellery worth Rs 32 lakh to a Mumbai businessman. A bag containing jewellery had gone missing in Ujjain. A Mumbai businessman took Sahzad’s auto and while getting down from it he forgot to take the bag which was full of gold. Thereafter, at least three more passengers travelled in that auto but the bag remained untouched as these passengers might have thought that the bag, which was a bit dirty, belonged to the auto driver. The next morning, when Shahzad was trying to clean his auto he saw the bag which contained about two kgs of gold. He hurriedly told his father and mother-in-law and also Hameed who is a member of district security committee. Both Hameed and Shahzad went to Mahakal police station and handed over the bag to Ajit Tiwari, an officer. Bharat Parmar, a businessman of Borivli in Mumbai who along with his maternal uncle travelled by an auto from Chattri Chowk to bus stand but forgot to take the bag along with him when he got down. Later they remembered the bag and searched the auto driver. After failing to find him, they registered a complaint with the police. The police contacted the businessman who was so pleased that he announced a reward of Rs one lakh for Sahzad and Rs 31 thousand to the police. IG Ujjain Pawan Jain said that recently in one of district security committee meeting he had asked the people to become our ears, eyes and support us in our endeavour and what the member from the committee has done is remarkable. The IG police awarded Rs 5000 to Hameed who had accompanied Shahzad to the police station (Mohammad Naushad Khan based on story in Patrika).

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2010 on page no. 17

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