Bipolar BJP suits Hindutva

Yesterday I had written that the BJP “crisis” unfolded due to resignation of Advani from the party posts may well be a well though out strategy to continue with a bipolar power in BJP, which it is following for several decades. When Advani embarked upon his Ayodhya Rath, Vajpayee was being presented as the mild and secular face of BJP. With Vajpayee no more in a position to continue in that role, and a very able heir of Advani’s politics of hatred having been discovered in the form of Modi, Advani chose to step in the shoes of Vajpayee.

This Bipolar Strategy is highly effective for BJP. The Communal Pole (Advani before, Modi now) would win the votes of Hindutva sympathizers, and the Secular Pole (Vajpayee before, Advani now) helps in cementing relations with other secular and regional parties. With the anointment of Modi, the NDA partners could have felt uneasy. In order to keep them on board, Advani took the extreme posturing, strengthening his position as the convener of BJP. Otherwise, once he was relinquishing the party posts, it should have been natural for him to also have resigned from the NDA leadership; obviously, he was the NDA leader by virtue of being the BJP representative. But he chose not to give up that position. By this posturing, he has sort of convinced the NDA partners that they need not worry much about the rise of Modi. JDU has already expressed its happiness at the news of Advani deciding to take back his resignation. The stage is now set for BJP to begin the election campaign. Modi will polarize the people on communal lines and Advani will keep the NDA flock together.

Great drama perfectly enacted and executed.

The opponents of BJP will keep smiling on the “internal turmoil” of BJP. This “turmoil” has strengthened, not weakened the Hindutva union. Will the Secular polity realize the dangers ahead? Will they be good enough to thwart the looming danger on the very survival of the Nation unless the deprived sections including minorities become equal participants and beneficiaries of the growth of the country?

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