Beware of NDA Allies!

Within 36 hours, this is my third write-up on the issue of the developments in BJP. This is despite the fact that my glaucomatous eyes are not helping me. Frankly speaking, I am feeling immensely nervous at the way the developments have been taking place in last few days. What happened at Goa did not surprise anyone. Everybody knew Modi’s anointment was a foregone conclusion.  Like everybody else, I too can see the wave of support for Modi roaring in the hearts and minds of BJP sympathizers. But I could see an equal and opposite reaction in the rest of the countrymen. The rise of Modi, I assumed, would prove to be a disaster for BJP in the end. He would not win as many votes for BJP as he would for the parties opposed to BJP. NDA will ultimately break. Non-BJP allies will either side with Congress or will try to form another front of Non-BJP, Non-Congress parties. But the drama unfolded at Advani’s house has worried me. When I wrote that it “may well be a part of well thought out strategy”, I thought it was only a probability. Now I am convinced that this was indeed nothing more than a drama to strengthen the Bipolar nature of BJP’s polity, which has been its characteristic in the last two decades.

It was not that Vajpayee was any less communal than any other leader of BJP. If it was the case, there was no point in continuing to head the party after the demolition of Babri Masjid and then again after the Gujarat riots. On both occasions, he was visibly “shocked” who was at his eloquent best in expressing his “deep anguish” and “sorrow” at what happened. But the anguish never translated into action. The BJP’s policy towards Babri Masjid did not change; those who presided over the demolition were never shown the doors. Modi was neither sacked from the government nor from the party. And then the history took a new turn. Vajpayee was no more in a condition to lead the job. Advani had found an able heir in Modi who was more than capable of taking the Hindutva agenda forward with an accelerated pace. It was time for Advani to change gears. Modi had stepped into his shoes and he was ready to step into Vajpayee’s.

Advani went to Pakistanwith a message of goodwill. What could have been a better destination for demonstrating his new Avatar. Vajpayee too had gone to Pakistan after becoming Prime Minister. And what else could be a greater statement than describing Jinnah as a man of great character to make people appreciate the change. The change however will again be only cosmetic. Like Vajpayee, he would too remain at the top of the party, at least for the time being. Like Vajpayee again, he would not do anything to make any substantial transformation in the ideology of the party. He would not change his stand on Babri Masjid. His new Avatar will however be attractive enough for some regional parties who were looking for an able replacement for Vajpayee so that they can continue their opportunistic alliance with BJP.

The anointment of Modi could disturb the equations. It is not that NDA allies are unhappy inside their hearts about the change of guards in BJP. They very well know that every new vote caste for Modi will also be a vote for them. But they were worried about losing Muslim votes, which could destroy their political game. On one hand, they realized the importance of Modi, on the other hand they wanted to preserve their Muslim base. BJP bosses were well aware of their anxiety. So the drama was planned. Modi would be made the Head of the Campaign Committee. Vajpayee will strengthen his secular credentials by not attending the meet. Once the Modi part of the drama is done, Advani will stage a drama at his house. He will further prove his Secular resolve by resigning in protest. He resigned. Party bosses rushed to the scene. Within 24 hours, “unko mana liya gaya”. Pujniya Advaniji will continue to provide “marg darshan”. NDA allies heaved a sight of relief. Sharad Yadav expressed satisfaction. Both the poles – Communal (Modi) and Secular (Advani) are now shining in full glory. Advani may appear to be down in BJP but he has gone high in NDA.

The whole drama has been meticulously planned and perfectly executed.  

It is high time now Muslims recognized the implications. They need not get fooled into thinking that Nitish or other NDA allies would not accept Modi. They very well know that if at all NDA forms a government at the centre, it will owe its victory to the “charisma” of Modi. Their Modiphobia will last only till the last day of voting. Believe it or not, if NDA has adequate number of seats in Parliament, Pujaniya Narendra Modi ji will be the Prime Minister. Punjiya Advaniji will then either go where Vajpayee is or will try to earn for himself a fitting ceremonial post.

If Muslims and other Secular Indians want to stop all this from happening, the immediate need is to put as much pressure as they can on the NDA allies. They must be told in no uncertain terms that they cannot vote for any party that goes with a party headed by Modis and Advanis.

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. He can be contacted at

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