CPI(M)’s internal clash

Vijaywada: Though no head rolled during the clash of titans the CPI(M) after its four-day conclave last month emerged a bit reconciled having patched up its squabbles. While Karat survived the onslaught from Andhra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, Bhattacharjee of West Bengal was not only happy but also quite content with the outcome. The central leadership climbed down from its high horse to “accommodate” regional satraps. Several resolutions were passed on various issues. Criticising the UPA vehemently for its neo-liberal stance, the party strongly condemned BJP for its communal politics. Steering clear of any “front” in future, it resolved to play an independent role. The party will launch a national campaign from 12 Sept to focus on West Bengal where Trinamool Congress and Maoists have been rallying together. They asked the PM to make his stand clear about the developments at Lalgarh during Mamta’s rally apparently with Maoist support. The party wished to send a delegation of senior leaders to Kashmir to fathom people’s sentiments and hostile attitude. Admitting that Nandigram, withdrawal of support to UPA government, and exploring the possibility of a third front had done substantial damage, the conclave still hoped that hum honge kamyab.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2011 on page no. 14

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