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J&K: more killed by soldiers than terrorists

New Delhi/ Srinagar: Kashmir Valley has been burning since long because of terrorists attacks as well as firing by security forces. Common people of the state have suffered maximum losses. According to latest statistics, most of the Kashmiris killed are victims of the bullets of security forces, not from terrorist attacks. According to these statistics, the number of those killed in firings by security forces is three times more than those killed by terrorists and in the current year also the number of those killed by security forces has reached 68 whereas during this period 27 persons have been killed by terrorists. Conditions during the current year are even worse than the year 2008, though in that year (2008) conditions had deteriorated fast because of Amarnath land dispute. In 2008, 147 people were killed in J&K of whom 57 were killed by security forces. Conditions in the state even now are such that people are spending nights on roads and are compelled to observe fasts without taking sehri. On Monday (6 Sept) in view of four more deaths by security forces and protests and increasing tension in consequence, curfew was imposed but in spite of the curfew angry and highly agitated Kashmiri people had taken to streets and on the 27th night of Ramzan, instead of praying in mosques and homes they had perforce to spend the night on the streets where they prayed and were on fast without sehri.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2010 on page no. 11

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