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Poor mother forced to sell son for Rs 400

Thane: Six-month-old infant Sagar embraces Manisha Gavit who is mixing milk powder in warm water. As soon as she hands over the child the milk bottle he begins to suckle it. Sagar is not her own son but she has been nursing the child ever since she purchased the child from its real 28-year-old mother for a paltry sum of Rs 400. Manisha says that Sagar’s mother was extremely feeble and emaciated and had gladly handed over the child so as to ensure its survival as many children had succumbed to death because of mal-utrition and pneumonia in Jawahar taluka 150 kms from Mumbai in 1993. The Gavit family had procured the child from a widow. Local police incharge also substantiated the fact.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2010 on page no. 11

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