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Raipur witnesses third blast of the year

Raipur: While the state was to celebrate its foundation day on Monday, 1st November; Sunday afternoon was rocked by a powerful blast, third within a year. Being a Sunday holiday the place was deserted hence no loss of human life was reported. However, the impact of the blast was so powerful that it could be heard at places two kilometres away. Tarun Chattisgarh Hindi daily on the third floor had its glasses shattered. Several vehicles were also damaged. It is reported that about 150 denotators on a garbage site got exploded. Inspector General Police, Mukesh Gupta, declined to assert whether it was a naxalite mischief or a foul play of some miscreants.

The Rajbanda Press Complex in addition to newspaper offices, also has state BJP headquarters. It is surprising that inspite of huge quantities of explosives missing during the last few months from Rajathsan and MP, the Chattisgarh police could not pounce on the perpetrators of two earlier blasts.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2010 on page no. 11

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