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MUHAMAD QASEEM (1938-2011), a noted social and political activist died at a Noida hospital on 3 March at the age of 75 years. He was a patient of asthma for a long time. He was a former Chief General Manager of Coal India Ltd.,  the main public sector undertaking in the production of coal and exploitation and management of coalfields all over the country. He was former Convener, Minority Cell AICC. His father Mohammad Saleem was a freedom fighter.

Maulana QARI NE’MATULLAH KHAN, a great religious scholar and founder of Madrasa Ishaatul Islam, Kairana died on 19 February after a prolonged illness at the age of 80 years. He had lost his eye sight at a young age and with disability his becoming a great religious scholar and performing the duties of rector of Madrasa Isha’atul Islam is really praiseworthy. He is survived by his wife, ten sons and three daughters.

Allama USMANI, great religious scholar, an authority on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s Hadees, author of dozens of books on Hadees and Islamic jurisprudence and Shaikhul Hadees at Saharanpur’s Mazahir Uloom (Waqf) died on 13 January at Saharanpur. Among his most import works is Urdu translation and explanation of Bukhari Sharif titled Nasrul Baari. He was 90 and is survived by his wife, one son and five daughters.

BAITULLAH, who had come to Mumbai from his native place in Gonda district (UP) in search of better prospects and then to Godhra with the same objective was among the unfortunate persons who were falsely arrested as accused in Godhra train fire incident of 2002. After 9 years of imprisonment and punishment for uncommitted crime when he was released alongwith 60 others on 23 February 2011, his greatest wish was to reach his home town at the earliest and be with his family members but before his wish could be fulfilled, all of a sudden he died of heart attack on 3 February on the eve of his departure for Gonda. At the time of his arrest his age was 58 but at 67, after 9 years in jail, he looked very much older. Instead of himself his dead body reached his home. He is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters.

Maulana RAEESUDDIN AHMAD MAZAHIRI, Islamic scholar and teacher of Hadees at Madrasa Mazahirul Uloom (Waqf), Saharanpur died on 4 March at the age of 65 years. Born in a village in Bijnor district, he was made Shaikhul Hadees in Madrasa Mazahirul Uloom only two months ago. He is survived by four sons and four daughters.       

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 16

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