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Prof. Mansoor Hasan: The way to paradise is a double-rounded key

Professor Mansoor Hasan has established Lari Cardiology, a prominent heart centre in Lucknow. He has published more than 50 papers in national and international journals.

Allama Iqbal, the great Indian poet, had envisaged a historical beckoning. He had once evoked a chronological allegory, when our caravan had landed on the banks of river Ganges. He was perhaps referring to the ancestors of Professor Mansoor Hasan, as Ganga just touches his house, in Garhi Samdabad, Kalakakar, in Pratapgarh, UP. His ancestors had come from the high Afghanistan mountains in 1666. He hails from the Panini clan of Pathans.

Professor Hasan is the latest recipient of the Padma Shri Award. “Our ancestor was Panini. We were all Shivaite Hindus or Buddhists before we embraced to Islam. Panini the great, had meditated on the Trikut (three) Mountains, now known as Sulieman Mountains, where he had a vision of Lord Shiva, and thereafter, he came down to do the codification of the grammar of Sanskrit,” he said during a recent meeting. He elaborated that the Panini Pathans resided on the slopes of Caspian and Aral sea and were ferocious horsemen who later migrated to settle down in Persia and Afghanistan and were also known as ‘Parthians.’

How many of you are today in the larger family, asked him. “We are around 500. 32 are my first cousins. My real uncle Mr. Niaz Hasan Khan was the UP Assembly Speaker. My father was Mr. Ajmal Hasan Khan, a practicing doctor; my mother hailed from the family of Nawab Hameedullah Khan Sarbaland Jang of Hyderabad. She had met Sultan Abdul Mujeed-the last Caliph of Turkey, in 1912, at Nice (Italy), before the gentleman was deposed by Mustafa Kamal Pasha,” he said.

Tell us about your formative age.

I have inherited the legacy of my ancestors who had put their sweat and blood into the making of Aligarh Muslim University (great grandfather Maulvi Samiullah Khan was an associate of Sir Syed) and later Jamia Milia Islamia (grand father Mr. Abdul Majeed Khwaja was its co-founder and served as its first Vice Chancellor during 1923-24 until his death). Hameediya Girls Degree College at Allahabad was founded by my grandmother where thousands of girls are studying today. They were all against the making of Pakistan. I being born in 1938, and as its fallout, could not study in Minto Circle, a junior school at AMU. I passed my intermediate from government college, Aligarh, and later went to London to study for MBBS. I came back from London to join KGMC, Lucknow, in 1962. I again went to pursue MRCP from Edinburgh (1964). I did my special training in cardiology at London in 1984 and worked in the Department of Cardiology, KGMC. I retired in 1996.

Was your nomination an attempt by Congress to address Muslim constituency?

“I think this is a humiliating question. AM Khwaja Sahab was a classmate of Mr. Nehru. Did Congress do anything for him? I have got quite belatedly what I had rightly deserved. Perhaps, out of my services to the people and also due to the outstanding support of my friends and colleagues. I owe this award to them.”

Lets talk about things which ail the nation. How would you relate to Aseemanand confessions and the innocent Muslim youths being jailed as a compliment?

“A strict no to politics and just see what is happening in Pakistan. It was in July 2010 when I wanted to perform fateha at Data Darbar in Lahore and it was a Thursday. My host suggested Friday due to the people’s rush. I had intended for the late night Thursday but somehow could not make it. There was a blast at the site late that night. I escaped my death in Pakistan.”

What do you say to Muslims today?

“Muslims have always turned against their well-wishers. They need to shrug off this legacy. The way to paradise is a double-rounded key. The first round is Namaz (prayer of five times a day) and then Adaab-e-Muhammadi, Ikhlas-e-Muhammadi and Akhlaq-e-Muhammadi, i.e., courtesy, humility, compassion, tolerance and flexibility-all performed and encompassed by the Prophet.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 16

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