The “real” slumdog millionaire


Fiction turns into reality. Like Jamal Malik (the “unfortunate” hero of the novel Q&A) Rahat Taslim (37) is not only a Muslim but shares his background – a humble origin.

A B.A. (Hons) graduate, this homemaker, made a modest living by earning Rs 2000-3000 a month to supplement her husband’s meagre income who works in Kochi as a miner. For the first time, before entering into competition, she had to open an account in a bank and she has yet to get a PAN. A voracious reader, only Hindi and Urdu newspapers used to be her sole source of information. She could answer Amitabh’s question on burqa ban and also the name of the first African woman President of an African country. Without risking her jackpot of Rs one crore; she refused to go far the highest stake of Rs 5 crore and remained content with what she had already “earned”. Amitabh in his blog has all praise for this woman of a humble background but with a desire to accomplish and a perfect self-confidence. Her mother who lost her husband and only son is very happy at the accomplishment of her daughter.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2010 on page no. 1

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