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First Karkare Award presented

Chennai: The first “Karkare Award” was presented to the Lohiate socialist leader Radha Kant Yadhav on 27 February.  The award carries a citation and One Lakh rupees cash award. The award has been instituted by Darul Islam Foundation Trust of Chennai which is headed by a notable journalist Mr Gulam Mohammed who is associated with journalism for the last 35 years. He is editing the monthly “Vaigarai Velicham” through which he enlightened the whole Tamil world about the conspiracies facing India. Whenever a bomb blast took place in India he used to point out the various loopholes in the investigation and argued that the needle of suspicion points to Hindutva terrorism. As a result of recent investigations, this terror is now called Saffron Terrorism.  When the book “Who Killed Karkare — The Real Face of Terrorism in India” authored by SM Mushrif was published by Delhi’s Pharos Media, Darul Islam Foundation Trust invited Mr. Mushrif to Chennai on 2 February 2010 and felicitated him.

Karkare Award ceremony at Madurai; Radha Kant Yadav (inset)

The book was promptly translated and published in Tamil and other regional languages across India. The book release function of the Tamil edition was held in Madurai by Vergal Publications. Subsequently the book came out in 8 different languages. A combined book release function was arranged in Delhi by the publisher on 22 September, 2010. Gulam Muhammed, representing Darul Islam Foundation  Trust, participated in it. In Tamil Nadu, Darul Islam conducted 18 public meetings on the book. During an  Iftar programme, a copy of the English edition of the book was presented to the Union Textiles Minister Dhayanidhni Maran and a copy of the Tamil edition was presented to Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru MK Stalin. Despite total media blackout, the English edition of the book sold like hot cakes and the 4th edition is now out. In Tamil, the 3rd edition is out now.

Due to all this, the message reached the whole of India and citizens everywhere understood that there is a hidden hand behind the bomb blasts and that is the hand of the Sangh Parivar. Debates and discussions based on the book were conducted in the official circles also. In the joint police officers meet, Mr. P. Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, warned against the Saffron Terrorism. Many members of the Sangh Parivar have been arrested for their role in various bomb blasts. Since the publication of this book in October 2009, there was a complete change in the concept of war against terror.

Mr. Radha Kant Yadhav, who read the book “Who Killed Karkare” three times, filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India and, later under the direction of the apex court, filed a criminal writ under article 226 of the Constitution in the Bombay High Court. He has been relentlessly pursuing the cause of justice all his life. As a result of his criminal writ, the Bombay High Court has made many revealing observations. Justice BH Marlapalle and Justice UD Salve observed, “had the government found the contents of the book frivolous, it would have banned it.” It told the government counsel: “You have not done it. May be you don’t have the courage. Have you filed an FIR against him? However, if there is a prima facie material it needs to be investigated. (Hindustan Times,  20 November, 2010). Other media reports added that the Hon’ble Justice Marlapalle said, “Why the conspiracy behind the attack was not investigated thoroughly? Why the inputs received by the IB as early as November 19, 2008 not shared with the state government? If the Pradhan Committee was not given the details of the intelligence when sought, what is the use of the committee report? Some accountability has to be there.” Justice Marlapalle added that the then Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation chief Bhushan Gagrani has confirmed that a terrorist alleged to have killed Karkare  was speaking Marathi. If the terrorist was speaking Marathi, surely he wouldn’t be from Pakistan.” The court asked, why calls were not probed until after Karkare was killed?

Justice Marlapalle said, the fact that 16 CCTV cameras at the CST main plarform were not functioning raises the question: if they had been tampered with before the attack?” (The Indian Express, Mumbai, 2 December, 2010).

All the above observations by the learned judges of the Mumbai High Court make two things clear: (a) The book by SM Mushrif has made stunning inroad into probing the conspiracy of the 26/11 attack and the killing of Karkare;  (b) The petition by Mr. Radha Kant Yadav was instrumental in these developments. All these may bring out the real face of terrorism and may change the history of India. Mr. Radha Kant Yadhav is 77 now and he is fighting the great cause of justice, hence he deserves all respect and honour. Above all it was Mr. Hemant Karkare who showed the way to all this. That is why Darul Islam Foundation Trust instituted an award named after Karkare and Radha Kant Yadhav was the right person to be the first first recipient of the award.

The award giving ceremony was held at Madurai, the historical city of Tamil Nadu on 27 February. Along with a citation, rupees one lakh was presented to him. Gulam Mohammed, managing trustee, presented the award. Mr SM Mushrif, former I.G. of Maharastra and the author of the book “Who Killed Karkare?”, Aziz Burney, editor of Rashtriya Sahara Urdu daily, members of various Dalit movements, former member of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assemblies MGK Nigam, and others felicitated Mr. Radha Kant Yadav. Maulavi KM Eliyas Riyagi, the Treasurer of Darul Islam Foundation Trust, coordinated the programme.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 17

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