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Release of Zubair Farooq’s anthology

New Delhi: Two poetic collections Sard mausam ki dhoop and Ek Arab jab Urdu bolay of Dr. Zubair Farooq were released by Abdur Rasheed Shaheen, former MP, at a function held at Ghalib Academy and sponsored by the Urdu Press Club on 2 March in the presence of a distinguished gathering including K Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Dr. Me’rajuddin, former minister of UP and Safdar H. Khan, vice chairman of India Islamic Cultural Centre. Speaking on this occasion, Rahman Khan said that the way Dr. Zubair Farooq is writing high class poetry and ghazals in Urdu is really commendable. He said that Dr. Zubair Farooq has the honour and pride of being the first Arab poet of Urdu and one thing special about him is that he has represented Urdu literature in different parts of the world. Another speaker Dr. Merajuddin said that Dr. Zubair Fqrooq’s poetry and couplets have deep meaning which shows the high calibre of his poetry. Safdar Khan said that in addition to Urdu, Dr. Zubair composes poetry in Arabic, his mother tongue, and English also.

Dr. Zubair Farooq is an Arab but he is very fond of Urdu poetry and his Urdu pronunciations are flawless and as many as 40 collections of his Urdu poetry and ghazals have been published. More than 1600 ghazals in English and many more in Arabic, have also been published. He attended many mushairas and literary gatherings during his stay in Delhi and other places where he recited his poems and ghazals. At one such gathering when he recited Jangal jhoomay sehra mahkay/Ek Arab jab Urdu bolay, the entire gathering loudly cheered him.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 18

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