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America admits fiasco in David Headley affair

Washington: American establishment’s eagerness to rush Headley as ‘Drug informer’ to Pakistan overlooked his girlfriend’s warning. He was, inspite of the warning, given an early release so as to enable him to lead to “some big cases.”

Hence, inspite of 9/11, he was rushed to serve the Drug Enforcement Administration. He changed his role of an informant and began receiving terrorist training. President Obama briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the failure to act. Repeated warnings were ignored because of lack of evidence.

A senior US official disclosed to the New York Times:”Had the United States government sufficiently established he was engaged in plotting a terrorist attack in India the information would have most assuredly been transferred promptly to the Indian government.”  Hence not two, but three, women tried to persuade the American intelligence agencies but in vain. An examination of Headley’s story show that his government ties ran far deeper and longer than previously known (as back as 2003). He was talking to the American agencies on the one hand while on the other he was receiving training in explosives and small arms in terrorist camp. So the noise the Indian authorities were making has been silenced with the palatable excuse that America was ignorant about his disguised dealings. Yet we continue to believe American intelligence is reliable. How gullible we are!

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2010 on page no. 11

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