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No book except the Qur’an is a complete guide

New Delhi: Chairman of India Islamic Cultural Centre, Siraj Quraishi, while speaking at the inaugural session of All India Qur’an Qiraat competition held here at India Islamic Cultural Centre on 17 February said, that in this world there is no other book except Qur’an which is based on complete way of life of mankind.

Therefore it is incumbent on all of us to read or learn to read Qur’an with the correct pronunciation of letters and words. The competition was organised by IICC in cooperation with Iran Culture House. Speaking about the art of Qiraat Qur’an, he said that there was a time when the Qaris of Egypt promoted this art but after Islamic revolution in Iran, this art was greatly promoted in that country also.

Addressing the competitors he said that the objective of this competition is not victory or defeat but to promote the art of the recitation of Qur’an in a melodious style and also to encourage young Qaris.

Iran’s Cultural Counsellor Dr. Karim Najafi said while speaking on this occasion that the total population of Iran is about 7 crores and of this, there are 1.5 crore Haafiz and Qarees and in his country youths are very fond of this art. Maulana Rafiq Qasmi, secretary of Jamat-e Islami while speaking on this occasion said that Ahl-e Sunnat people should remove the misunderstanding that Shai’s Qur’an has 40 paras (instead of 30 paras). He said that today Iran is rendering great service to Qur’an.

In this 3-day Qirat competition about 130 Haafiz and Qaris from all over India had taken part which came to an end on 19 February after which prizes were given to the winners.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 18

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