All-religion seven-storied centre to come up in Ayodhya

Lucknow: There is a spurt in conferences, seminars, public statements, all directed to spin the Ayodhya urn.

So, everyone is trying to remain in a possible hog-light with suggestions and recommendations, sometime sponsored and sometime well meaning too. But, all in all, the broader line is to anyhow persuade the Muslim side, for not knocking at the Supreme Court, to contest its right. No one in India, has as yet come with a complete document, to assuage the serious dent, Sep 30 has made, on the whole nation in general and on its secular citizens in particular.

A similar exercise was however done on Oct 30, at Gandhi Bhawan, in Lucknow, when a two session seminar was organised under the aegis of National Alliance for Peoples Movement (NAPM) in which the Sep 30 verdict was taken into consideration for an objective analysis. The seminar aptly titled as ‘Ayodhya Verdict: A Challenge to Democracy’ was presided by Retired Justice Syed Haider Abbas Raza, who had also once been a part of the three judges bench, hearing the same case.

Raza, expressed himself with no strings attached. He said that the Central government’s, headed by PM Narsimha Rao, non-dismissal of UP government run by Kalyan Singh, before Dec 6, 1992 was the biggest mistake. On Dec 6, 1992 Babri Masjid was demolished. He was very critical of the Ayodhya verdict and said that perhaps the Faizabad Magistrate would have decided the matter in a much better way. He expressed his grave surprise as to how the three judge bench could not find the year of the construction of Babri Masjid when it is widely available on the stone engraved, as was the practice. He said that down the history lane, from Babar until Aurengzeb, there has been no reference, of a demolition of a temple, and Babri Masjid raised on it, despite the fact that historians have enumerated even the smallest details of the Mughal rule. He said that Ramcharitramanas written by Tulsidas under the Akbar reign also had made no such reference. If it was built after demolishing a temple, then why did not Lord Rama’s greatest biographer refer to it?

Ravi Kiran Jain, eminent Supreme Court lawyer, dumped the verdict saying that there is a clear cut signal that the interests of Congress and BJP have been secured via the verdict. He would say that the country is reeling under the claws of World Bank and this has led to an opportunity for diversion from the real economic issues facing the country.

“This is a very crafted part of the strategy. The judgement is a political stalemate. The order passed by Justice Sudhir Agarwal has been inspired by the religious scriptures, which is all affront to the aspirations of the people, and also, all contrary to the judgment passed by SC in 1994, in Ismail Farooqui case. In 1994 SC had already taken notice of such claims (based on faith) yet the full bench has made it a merry-go-way” He called the ASI excavation report of the Ramjanambhumi site, and the judges reliance on it, as nothing but a pack of certified lies, and thereby, a murder of the whole 60 years of democracy in India.

The next to follow was Sheetla Singh, a veteran journalist of Jan Morcha daily, published from Faizabad, UP.  He said that if faith is to be made a precedence in judicial processes then it would warrant a very dangerous sign for the times ahead. There can be now a spiral of violence in the game of this balance of history! He said that Buddhists have also not forgotten the way, at Badrinath temple, a Buddhist Math, in Kumaon Hills,  Uttranchal, had seen all Buddhists killed and thrown in the Alakhnanada river by the Brahmin Hindus! “This fact has also been recently highlighted by Mrinal Pandey, the President of Prasar Bharti. Who can disagree with a day light proof of Pushpmitrashatung-the Brahminist king, announcement, that killing a Buddhist would fetch one gold dinar?. The history of Brahmin Hindus is so full of evidences of ethnic cleansing.,” he said.

Sheetla Singh, evoked a nostalgic tone when he referred to his own denouncement by Hindu lawyers of Vishwa Hindu Lawyers Sangh, whose President was Hari Nath Tilhari. He referred to that function in which he was attacked with chairs! He said that he had stated the truth about the validity of Ram temple claim( sic) which agitated the Hindu lawyers. “I had got the apologies from Tilhari but he is the same who later became a Judge at the HC. He gave the same puja order, after Dec 6, 1992, endorsing to the Hindu view. Now when such people are to throng judiciary where would be then the law?

He also made a reference to a senior IAS Sher Singh, who came to him, so as to find the exact place of the birth of Lord Rama as per Askand Puran and it was found, after the measurement, in presence of Mahant Ramchadra Das, to be away by more than 50 feet, from the acquired 67.8 acres of land by the Center, around the Babri Masjid site. “To this Ramchandra Das had said that even if Lord Rama himself comes, and say that he was not born at the site of Babri Masjid, we would not abide!” Sheetla Singh, later said that there are 200 temples of Lord Rama’s birthplace in India, but Babri Masjid, was staked at, only because of the fact that it was a mosque! The conflict is to subdue Muslim community and is an outcome of the persecution complex of the Hindus!

The second session was dominated by highlighting that an ‘all-religion centre’ would be made in Ayodhya. That building would be a seven storied structure in which all religions would have a floor each. Even those who are atheists would get an accommodation. This proposal was made by Mahant Yugal Kishore Shastri and Swami Agnivesh and that very soon a yatra would be initiated from Ayodhya to Vardha. A blue print of the same would be soon released, within two months. This was the note on which the seminar concluded.  

Sandeep Pandey of NAPM, Roop Rekha Verma, former VC of Lucknow University (LU), Professor Ramesh Dixit of Political Science (LU), Prominent writer Anil Chamadiya, Jai Prakash Narayan of CPI(M), eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan,  Vandana Misra (PUCL), MR Verma and Rajiv Yadav also spoke on the occasion.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2010 on page no. 14

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