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Muslim Agenda for Unity

Ramadan, the blessed month, has begun. By all indications, it is going to be an extremely eventful month, perhaps more eventful than any in the recent past. Not only the forces of New World Order are busy planning their role in the turn of events, the Muslim world suddenly seems to be more divided than any time in the near past. Though previously too, there have been continuing political divisions within the Islamic world, and a few wars between Muslim countries too have occurred, the danger now is of these divisions breaking into wars involving several countries. Even if the armies do not clash face to face, people in several countries are on the verge of fighting among themselves.

America’s disengagement from Afghanistan and Iraq now means that they would be running the wars from behind, till they find it feasible to openly intervene. Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and by implication Iran - all are involved. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their Western friends are busy supplying arms to the rebels in Syria.

 This is high time every possible effort was made to stall what seems to be looming over our heads. The Islamic World can surely do it if they recognize their real enemies, bury their differences, and unite for the sake of the Ummah as well as mankind. This may look an onerous task, but if the will is there, it can be achieved swiftly. The immediate need is a summit of at least five countries - Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. They are the key players in the region and hold influence on other players. They must set up an agenda without delay. They have to agree on a few basic premises:
First, no outside intervention or mediation will be entertained;
Second, no sectarian differences will be allowed to affect the talks;
Third, no arms to any country will be allowed to fall into the hands of rebels;
Fourth, they will cooperate with one another to bring an end to strife within different countries: Morsi should be restored in Egypt (followed if need be by a referendum) and a referendum should be conducted in Syria in order to diffuse the crisis.  
Fifth, Iran and Saudi Arabia must vow to the Ummah to provide a strong united leadership.
Sixth, a new union of Islamic countries must be announced, which will make sure that disputes within the Islamic world are solved without any outside intervention.
Javed Jamil

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2013 on page no. 20

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