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IB sees big shake-up at senior level

New Delhi: Intelligence Bureau, the country’s biggest and most important intelligence agency, is witnessing a major shake-up at senior levels. Under its recently-appointed chief, IB has issued a significantly large number of transfers of its senior officers in the past few weeks. IB is carrying out such largescale transfers at senior levels after many years, sources said. Nehchal Sandhu, a 1973 batch IPS officer, took over as IB chief from Rajiv Mathur on January 1. Under the new chief, who is inclined more towards operations and terrorism, the agency would be looking at emerging from its decades of politically oriented’ nature into a modern intelligence agency that is capable of meeting new challenges. The agency has already issued transfer orders for about 30 senior officers, a majority of whom are IPS. The first list of transfers comprised 23 officers. The transfers would come into effect in a couple of months, sources said. Many observers believe the shakeup is unparallel in recent times, especially because the past four IB chiefs did not effect any drastic changes. One source said the transfer would help the agency to emerge from its age-old orientation of being a politically driven agency, which was committed to looking at the intricacies of internal political dimension. Sandhu, a tech-savvy officer, could also drive the agency into more effective use of technology, sources added. (Economic Times, Bangalore, 6 March 2011)

MG comment: This is yet another effect of the path-breaking book Who Killed Karkare by SM Mushrif who had specifically demanded an overhaul of the IB and its purification from Brahmanist forces.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2011 on page no. 22

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