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Delhi’s Qaumi School on verge of closure

Old Delhi’s Qaumi School was established by the Muslim community in 1948 in Sarai Khaleel. Over the years it flourished and had a 5-storey building with hundreds of students from the local poor families. During Emergency, the area was earmarked for Janata Flats and the school was demolished on 30 June 1976 by the order of the then Dy. Chairman of DDA Jagmohan, Sanjay crony Rukhsana Singh and DDA commissioner BR Tamta after giving express assurances that a new school will be built within six months near the Eidgah. As the school properties were lying on the street and being vandalised and stolen, Eidgah committee offered them to move to the Eidgah land and start their school in tents. Thus they moved to the new location while the Delhi government forgot its assurances and the school since then functions in tents on Eidgah land. All these years people like Firoz Bakht Ahmad of Friends for Education have tried to wake up the Delhi administration and DDA but with no results. Now the Eidgah committee has issued a final notice to the school to move to some other place. If the Eidgah committee presses for its demand, the school will have no option but to close down. At present it has 715 students belonging to poor families. Most likely they will become child labour or take to petty crime if the school closes down.

Firoz Bakht has written to the President, Prime Minister, the Minority Minister and other important dignitaries. Recently K. Rehman Khan, the Minister for Minority affairs, wrote a letter to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor to help the school get proper land to build the school. (For more information, contact Firoz Bakht Ahmed, mobile: 09810933050, email: firozbakhtahmed08@ gmail.com)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2013 on page no. 13

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